Sunday, 2 December 2012


I can confidently say that I am in love with the works of fab ciraolo. Fabian is a Chilean artist whose works are so surreal, but channel a bohemian, vintage and somewhat blasphemous vibe.

He creates posters and flyers for events, and cover art for musicians: 

But I have to say, my favourites are when he takes icons and celebrities and punks them up.

I think Dorothy is my favourite. And also because I really like Empire Of The Sun.

To check out more of Fab's, uh, fabulous work, click here.


Song Of The Week

Argh! I'm so annoyed right now - my phone is playing up and I seriously can't get any calls and it's so difficult to call people. 
But I'm trying to distract myself from this by listening to some pretty awesome tunes. So this week's song of the week is...

Change by Churchill!
Love the beats, keyboards and chord progressions. Although at times the vocalist does sound like she is whining. Never mind - it's a really great song. And that video!  
Check it out here:

So if anyone can help me with this phone issue, comment please :)

waiting till next week when I can post a new song, naomie xx


New blog!

So I'm back with a new blog (my previous blog failed so horribly, I am cringing just writing about it.) I guess this one will be different in that it, well, I'll have to see. That didn't work out very well.

I guess this blog will become my journal, so don't be surprised to see really bad poetry, fabulous art (obviously not by me), rants, recipes and DIY things. But don't count on any of those things being here. For all I know, this could become a blog dedicated to the oil content of Oliver Sim's quiff.