Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Emily Harley is a young teenager from Victoria who is looking to make it big in the music industry. Her enchanting voice along with her serene guitar playing provides us with a relaxing and peaceful musical atmosphere. Her fruitful covers as well as her broad and anthemic original songs will truly take her far in the music business.

We, at The Optional E, were fortunate enough to catch up with Emily, and this is what the young superstar had to say!

Emily! You have quite an angelic voice, when did you start to realise you could sing like that?

Thank you! I’ve been singing since before I can even remember, although I remember winning a school talent show in grade 4 (9 years old) and falling in love with performing. Since then I’ve been involved in everything I can, whether it be school choirs, bands, musicals, and I’ve received a good response from that, which helped/helps me believe in my singing ability.

Who are your musical influences? 

My biggest musical influence at the moment would be Daughter. I listen to a wide range of music, from bands like Northlane and Being As An Ocean to artists like Matt Corby and Snakadaktal, I find that I can draw inspiration from concepts within the ‘heavier’ genres and combine that with the sound of the other music I like to create my music.

We, at The Optional E, love your original song - "Lost Soul" - when will be able to hear a more detailed mp3 version of your brilliantly-written original songs?

I’m still in high school, so I currently don’t have the funding to produce any of my music properly, although I’m looking into getting some help recording some of my songs for the future.

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

Probably The Beatles, they were quite revolutionary and, although I don’t know their music well, I have a lot of respect for the songs I do know.

Will there be any gigs or live performances any time soon for your 500-odd fans to go and see you play?

Nothing that I know of yet! I’m focusing on completing my Grade 8 AMEB and VCE before I start doing gigs.

Lastly, what's next for Emily Harley?

I’m planning on completing Year 12 this coming year (2014), my Grade 8 AMEB singing exam and then hopefully beginning to look into doing live performances and finding a university with an appropriate music course for me and my future as (hopefully) an artist.

We'd like to thank Emily Harley for taking her time to speak with us and we'd also like to wish her luck as she embarks on the final year of her school life as well as taking on her Grade 8 AMEB singing exam!

Check out her youtube channel here: Emily Harley's Music Channel

This is an Optional E favourite - "Lost Soul" - Emily Harley: