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You may remember her from 'Young Talent Time 2012' with her spellbinding cover of Alicia Key's "Empire State of Mind (Part II)," but the matured teenager is back and this time she's ready to take Australia by storm. After winning a silver medal in the Sydney Eisteddfod performing arts competition, and featuring on 'Young Talent Time', Tia Gigliotti enabled herself to blossom into a young-pop-sensation.

Following the release of her much anticipated new single "Stranded", TIA was able to make some time to talk with us here at The Optional E. This is what she had to say!

TIA, you rose to prominence after featuring on Young Talent Time 2012, how did that help you grow as a performer?

Being able to perform on YTT every week was an absolute pleasure! I got to work with many many professionals such as John Foreman (musical director), Rob Mills, Tina Arena and more. I learnt so much from being on the show, not only my voice strengthened but my confidence and performance skills did too! Being on the show allowed me to have an idea about what kind of artist I wanted to be due to the various genres we got to perform and it was great to entertain Australia while I was at it.

Who are your main musical influences?

Rihanna and Rita Ora are my main musical influences. I not only love their music but I love the way they perform! They are so confident on stage and have a unique aura about them. Their outfits are amazing

Your new sound is more techno-electric, will we be hearing any more acoustic sounds anytime soon (like your famous Empire State of Mind cover)?

My music is mainly pop dance, but as I'm writing my album I'm finding I'm doing a lot more acoustic based tracks. I play piano so that's how I start each piece I write. I am a massive fan of Alicia Keys so hopefully I can do a song influenced by that type of music.

We, at The Optional E, love your single "Stranded" - but where did the idea for the song come from? And we're most curious as to "who" you left stranded? *giggles*

THANKYOU! I like to describe 'Stranded' as a song about breaking the shackles of control! Moving on from a relationship positively... Hahaha - well, a past relationship with a guy... That was very controlling sparked the inspiration for the song, it wasn't serious but it was enough to have an effect on me!

After your recent single-release, whats next for TIA?  

After the single release it's more writing writing writing for me! I am planning on releasing an album at the end of next year so I'm busy putting my pen to paper and getting my music produced! I'm also planning to be gigging all the time at different venues around Sydney so I can't wait to be performing again. 

The Optional E would like to wish TIA great success in her music career as it starts to take her off into stardom and fame. Take a look at her new single - "Stranded" - here:

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