Tuesday, 24 December 2013


            Renowned for their chart-topping single “Two Weeks,” Indie-atmospheric band Grizzly Bear released their fourth studio album Shields in September 2012, and earlier this year released the albums B-sides. While Shields did well to live up to post-Veckatimest expectations, their B-sides release took a different approach to exploring the band’s musical complexities.

            While their previous albums were experimental in terms of musicality, their B-sides explore the other component of the band’s attention-grabbing euphony. The vagrant instrumental echoes and influential sound still manages to work well for them but were it not for the as-yet-unheard lyrics nothing would be too valuable about this release. Take this line of Will Calls: oily hands, slippery slope, pointed fangs without scope.” Compared to the chart-stealing qualities of the band’s upbeat lyrics Grizzly Bear brings an element of seriousness to the table. Defiant of their palpable indie-impressed songwriting, their B-sides are progressive in their nature and, combined with the ever-haunting vocals of lead singer Edward Droste, put together another satisfactory 8-track album.

            Contradictory in nature and theme to their ubiquitous though interchangeable sound, Grizzly Bear’s B-side release of their widely acclaimed Shields does just as well in approaching atmosphere and human qualities through their eerie melodies and excess eloquence.

            Grizzly Bear is playing at the Falls Festival, Sydney, December 28, 29 and 31

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