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To start off I am extremely sorry my lovely readers for abandoning you for two weeks (!!) but all I can say is that I've been rather busy. But not to worry! We're very lucky to have had a little chat with the fabulous indie dance-pop act Colorstarr. Colorstarr are an infectious, summery band from both Sydney and L.A., consisting of Sydney based singer/songwriter Wilson O, L.A. based bass player/producer Kristian Attard as well as drummer Paris Jeffree and guitarist Marc Mallouf. Their music has been featured on hit TV drama Offspring and MTV UK's 'In The Crowd'. They actually have a gig tomorrow at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, spreading their sunny vibes and promising some very good dancing. 

We're very pleased have had the wonderful opportunity of having a Q & A with Wilson from Colorstarr! Here is the transcript:
What's in a band name? - tell us where your band's name came from?

The band name came from a fairly interesting kooky friend of ours. He is quite the character & he has this project called Slicker Cities where it's a graphic novel about a Stock broker who time travels with this rock that looks like a star! It's a time traveling device called the "Colorstarr" & I jumped at the opportunity to ask him if we could use that name as it's dope & he agreed. Slicker Cities also has a remix on this EP, so we are all connected through this time traveling device!! We like to time travel a lot you see (lol).

Tell us who the members of the band are and how you came together:

The members are Kristian (Bass & producer), Marc (Guitars), Paris(drums) & myself on the vox & songwriting duties. Kristian & I have been friends for many many years, been through a lot and were signed in a rock band in LA 6 or 7 years ago... When that fell through we had a little bit of a falling out for a few years, then re-connected as we both valued our friendship (obviously) and then started getting back to what we do best which is writing and creating. Marc we have known for some time as well and played in a few bands together in the circuit over the years & knew that he is the only guy in the country for this band - and our prayers were answered when he said yes to joining us! Paris I met on a gig when she came to fill in for another drummer - and man, as soon as I heard her, I was like "this girl is special!!!" She knows hows to lay it down... and that's basically how Colorstarr was formed! The other drummer did get fired by the way ha ha...

Do you have any artists or bands that inspire you? Why?

We are definitely inspired by a lot of genres and artists. Kristian and I both came up in the Sydney music scene playing in Soul/R&B bands. We eventually started experimenting with rock, dance and French electronic music especially - that's how I think the sound of Colorstarr was created. Some of those artists that we are inspired by would have to be Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Terence Trent D'Arby, Donny Hathaway, The Beatles, Beck, Friendly Fires, Phoenix, Justice, Jamaica & Daft Punk. 

Who writes your songs?

Kristian & I wrote the material up till now. But on the next EP we will be getting the rest of the guys involved in the process as Marc is a fully fledged writer in his own right & it will be good to create some new music from the ground up with all of us jamming it out in the studio. Sometimes I find this process can also deliver some amazing songs that you never knew you could create!

Where do you want Colorstarr to go in the future?

I see Colorstarr doing a lot of touring, as that's what we love to do - it's one thing to create music in a studio and be locked away for ages, but man the feeling on the stage... you can never begin to comprehend how amazing it is! Lots of touring, lot's of record sales & lot's of happiness is what I see for us for the coming future!

Any last comments you'd like to leave us with...?

Yes thank you so much for having us & giving us the opportunity to share our new music through your channels - we are pretty much ready for you now world!!! So come in & join us for the ride, it's going to be one hell of a time travel!! 

Colorstarr's eponymous EP is available on iTunes now.

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