Sunday, 4 August 2013


I'm sure all of you have had a good perusal of the Big Day out 2014 lineup.
If not, here it is.

We have heavyweights Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire and Blur who I am so ecstatic knowing that I WILL BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THEM HOLY MOLY.

I'm actually so excited for the new Arcade Fire release - their music has matured and developed so astoundingly that their upcoming record pretty much promises perfection.

I'm pretty happy seeing a few great Aussie acts on here - Tame Impala, Kingswood, Loon Lake and DZ Deathrays - and was very pleased to see that those crazy kids from across the pond, The Naked And Famous, are going to be here too.

The announcement of the lineup was almost right on the heels of the end of Splendour which had equally talented acts. In fact, I don't see why all the festival promoters don't just huddle together and throw a kind of massive music festival which spans all of Spring and Summer. That would actually be the best. AT CHRISTMAS THEY CAN PLAY EPIC CAROLS!

BodyMusic - AlunaGeorge

To other news, the fresh duo of AlunaGeorge released their highly anticipated debut album, 'BodyMusic'. Filled with seductive bass lines and the spectacular vocals, this is not to be missed.

Honestly, I've never been a huge R&B girl. I still love to jam out to Destiny's Child and TLC but nowadays the scene has become a bit bland. But not to worry - AlunaGeorge are out to fix that.

The British pair - Aluna Francis and George Reid - wonderfully marry the rhythmic flexibility of dance music with the old soul of R&B. However, the record is almost assertively its own, flaunting its original pop with cool vibes.

Formed in 2009, this duo has only gone up. They've been featured in the US series of Skins, made a pretty cool vid for 'You Know You Like It' in 2011 and are booked to play the Pitchfork festival in Paris this November. They are one of three contenders for the Brits Critics' Choice Awards and on the longlist for the BBC's Influential Sound of 2013 poll. Whatever they are doing, they must be doing it well.

And so they are. 'You Know You Like It', released in 2011, is a hazy, dreamy piece cleanly grounded by Aluna's spectacular vocals. Ringing with a delicious accent, it contrasts so well with the fuzzy, twisting sounds that George artfully warps. Really, it's impeccable music to dance/listen/try and sing along to.

These two sound so promising, and I cannot wait to see their sound progress further. I can only imagine how spectacular it would be if they took a darker sound... But I guess the beauty of AlunaGeorge is that they do whatever the hell they want. Loving it.

Have a listen to the first song from the record, 'Attracting Flies', here:
Buy their album from any good music store (like Getmusic! Love them.)

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