Monday, 5 August 2013


Today was the highly anticipated announcement of the Triple J Unearthed High finalists for 2013!
Congratulations to Lunatics On Pogosticks (NSW), Cypher (QLD), Under Scarlet Skies (VIC), Vancouver Sleep Clinic (QLD), Jaysways (NSW) and When We Were Small (VIC). These six talented acts have blown us all away with the brilliance of their songs.

My favourite act however has got to be When We Were Small with their catchy indie pop-rock. It's so energetic and easy to listen to.

I was actually listening out in the morning and religiously checking during any breaks I had to see who the finalists were. The anticipation of the finalists was almost overshadowed by the anticipation of the new Doctor.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Peter Capaldi.

SHRIEK! After the jumpy liveliness of the lovely David Tennant and the quirky barminess of Matt Smith, we were getting used to these younger Doctors. Even beginning to enjoy them (and OTP them with their companions). But now any sort of ship will probably be classified under unlawful carnal knowledge.

He was in Skins (and Sid was in the series so it would've been a good series) but I am going to be contemptuous and refuse to accept this Doctor until he shows us what he is made of. I'm only being like this because I really hoped that the Time Lord would be a multiracial woman. It would've made for good telly, okay?


On music releases, I've been a bit slack but here's the lowdown:

Indie darlings Cub Scouts released their new 'Paradise' EP on August 2, featuring the Triple J hit 'Paradise'. This is such a promising EP, showcasing the stellar vocals of Tim Nelson and adding such fantastic developments on the future classic sounds of Cub Scouts. Listen to the single 'Paradise' here on Soundcloud.
I cannot wait to see them support Jinja Safari on their tour in September. They'll be in Sydney on the 21 September at the Metro (all ages). Neo-soul artist Okenyo will also be supporting.

Also, Sydney dream-poppers Cloud Control drop their sophomore release this week, titled 'Dream Cave'. The singles released from the album and the highly promising Triple J Like A Versions have amounted to huge anticipation from fans and newcomers alike. You can listen to it streamed at Triple J here or wait till Friday August 9 for the full release. Ah!

'Scar' is one of my favourite songs of the month. Hear it below.

I think I'm beginning to deviate a little from the Music Hauls and Songs Of The Week but I kind of like this new arrangement :) leave a comment if you have any suggestions! Till then, take care. Garnier.

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