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We at the optional e caught up a while ago with Sydney act Tom Plant.

Tom is a solo act, crafting heartfelt lyrics with emotional delivery and acoustic intimacy. His song, 'Endless', peaked at number 33 on the Triple J Unearthed High chart - it's a beautifully poignant song with understated subtleties reminiscent of personal memories.

When did you get into music?

I first became interested in music when my dad used to play the didgeridoo to me to help me sleep. Funnily enough the didge used to calm me to sleep, however when he started playing guitar I became increasingly interested. I have grown up listening to all kinds of music, mainly from dad introducing me to his collection of music. I then started playing the saxophone when I was about 10, which eventually made me pick up a guitar and start playing. From then on I have also developed a knack of singing, which has also developed an increased interest in the art of song writing and producing. 

Who are your main musical influences?

My main musical influences are Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Dallas Green, Matt Corby, and Lakyn Heperi. Jeff Buckley has also been an influence in the way of giving me an insane appreciation of talent for his vocal and lyrical capabilities - I always aspire to one day having such an incredible vocal range. Justin Vernon and Dallas Green have inspired my writing acoustically, in terms of how to add different instruments and sounds into a song. Justin and Dallas both have incredible lyrical skills and because they are both in my most played I think I adopt the most from them... Matt and Lakyn are probably my biggest influences in terms of sound as their acoustic sounds influence a lot of the way I play the guitar, and the way I sing. 

What are the inspirations behind your songs?

Most of the songs I have written are about my girlfriend, she gives me the happiness and eagerness to write songs in the manner I do. However a few of the lyrics I have written have been about other things going on through my life, like any musician I guess! But my girlfriend mostly for the style of songs I have recorded. 

How did you become the musician you are - how did you become interested in your style of music?

I first started listening to acoustic music when I first heard Matt Corby on Australian Idol... since then I have been listening to acoustic and alternative music. I listen to a heap of different styles of music and I have made some songs in different genres such as rock and indie pop, however acoustic music seems to settle close to my heart and I feel it is my main style. 

Where to from here?

Well, from here I would like to record a heap more of my songs! I have a whole bank of lyrics on my computer which I am really keen to record, so look out; they will be on Youtube and Triple J's Unearthed page soon! I would love to start playing gigs around the place and start heading into the industry, which is my main goal. I would love to perform for a living, like any musician! 
Thanks to Tom for spending his time with us.
Listen to his song 'Endless' here and check out his Unearthed page.

His music rings of other successful Australian acoustic acts, such as Matt Corby and Whitley. It's very exciting for us at the blog to be able to interview such a promising young local act - here it is!

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