Friday, 18 October 2013


Two Door Cinema Club's latest EP 'Changing of the Seasons' is, as well as being a poppy party-worthy record, a showcase of a variety of great tunes from the band.

The title song kicks it off with an upbeat feel, combining an electric style with some catchy vocals. As the song progresses, more layers are added above the initial drum + synth show, creating a colourful, danceable tune.
Before you are ready to dismiss the rest of the EP as an electro-pop fantasy, listen to what is up next. 'Crystal' is, in contrast to the high energy of the opening track, a gentle, melodic tune, featuring spacey, textured vocals and a majestic orchestral lineup. Although this feature adds the feel of a fantastical film score, the lyrics are that of a pretty ballad - 'I listen to your words/flowing like hummingbirds all around me'. Aw.
'Golden Veins' is a steady piece of work, referring back to the band's dancy style, while also exuding a stronger, darker character via some fancy vocal jobs and a dynamic melody. A remix of the title track follows, managing to make it even more danceable, if that is even possible.

It seems as though this EP is hinting at something bigger to come from the band, especially considering their use of French DJ Madeon as the producer, which allowed him to inject a danceable feel into the band's sound.
This handful of diverse tunes may signify a new musical direction for the Club, as well as maintaining their light-hearted, poppy sound for the fans to enjoy.

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