Sunday, 20 October 2013


Falls Festival this year is set to amaze with a brilliant lineup. We thought we'd review some of the artists that are performing, so after the jump, here is THE WOMBATS.

'Your Body Is A Weapon' is a fun, driving pop song with fragments of new mainstream, anthemic influences that promise an exciting new direction for The Wombats.

Here at the optional e, we are massive Wombats fans. They're personally one of my favourite music acts and I have adored both their debut and sophomore records.
So there is little surprise that we went ballistic when on their Twitter page the mysterious hashtag #yourbodyisaweapon popped up, and when we got the email of their impending single we couldn't wait to hear the song.

It opens with an unusually bright exposition (compared with the darker overtones of previous Wombats songs) with an almost cheery drum beat and chorus vocals. In the first twenty seconds you already want to dance to this song (no, not to Joy Division.)

Then after the intial euphoria of hearing Matthew Murphy's voice again (!!), his poignant delivery of deprecating, witty lyrics - It's extortionate and I don't care/You can taste the pretence in the air - only serves to cement the song into the tongue-in-cheek disposition we've come to expect from the band.

When the beat drops and the chorus comes in with the eponymous line, the song seems to take on a much more approachable, radio-friendly pop angle - it echoes the sing-along, extended-vowel choruses many pop rock and indie rock bands choose for their songs nowadays (Youngblood Hawke, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco). However, the guitar and rhythm section bring them back to their rawer, indie rock roots; I can imagine that this song will be a massive hit at festivals this Spring/Summer (Field Day, The Falls Music and Arts Festival).

The overall summery vibe of the song married with the intruingly unconventional lyrical focus makes this song rather memorable and a fantastic addition to the colourful Wombats discography. It promises a very exciting new direction for their next full-length release - possibly a less weighty, more synthy pop effort?

Until the record drops, we'll be prepared for any new singles and anticipate a summer full of spectacular performances by these Liverpool lads. Hopefully they'll hold sideshows while on tour!

Here's 'Your Body Is A Weapon':

The video itself is an interesting pseudo-cartoon that strangely reminds me a little of Beavis and Butthead. But it's fun filled, nostalgic and ironically uncool. The Wombats just keep getting better.

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