Sunday, 7 April 2013


I am an avid reader. Books rock.

It's really exciting because I'm getting a signed copy of Cassandra Clare's new book Clockwork Princess! AHH!

So annoying, though, how my friends keep spoiling the book for me =_= ugh. But I'm so pumped to read it still.

I'm not really sure where this post is going but it was really annoying this morning because daylight savings just ended and we turned out all muddled with the clocks and all. Geez.

Oh that's right! I'm reading The Lord of the Rings right now. Once you get past the REAAAALLY boring bit where they're in the Old Forest just strolling around, it gets better.

I'm also reading The Great Gatsby on my phone - yes, iBooks isn't that bad. It's weird because I used to hate e-books with a vengeance but ever since I've downloaded all these FREE(!) books and realised how refreshingly convenient it is to read on a device, I've been tame. Books are still better though.

It is so strangely satisfying to buy a new book (or old book, depending on whether you're a hipster or not) and read it. The pages just feel so real.

Well I guess that should be about it. If you want to read any of the books, buy them at a bookstore, on your electronic whiz machines or borrow them from your library. Who said you had to return them? ;)
Clockwork Princess
Buy Clockwork Princess
The Lord of the Rings
Buy The Lord of the Rings

The Great Gatsby
Buy The Great Gatsby

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