Sunday, 7 April 2013


It occurred to me that this blog may end up 80% music, considering that I find great new music on a pretty much daily basis.

So I've pretty much decided to do another Music Haul. If anyone actuallllllllly reads this blog, then you'll get a whole heap of music. Great.

1. Words - Ane Brun

Words just can't describe this song. It's one of those that isn't sad, but more nostalgic. It makes you feel sad and happy and excited and calm and a bit like a river or something. Or a really old tree. In a good way.
"this song makes me feel like a tree". wonderful.

But it just cuts down through everything and the video doesn't outweigh it or fall short. They work together really well. And when I watch it I don't know whether to cry or smile or just nod. So I just listen, like you most definitely should.
Also I don't know what's on his arm. Maybe it's in a different language - Ane is Norwegian. (I actually speak a tiny bit of Norwegian from a few friends I have over there.)

2. Ribena - Pegasus Bridge.

When I first heard this band, they immediately became my obsession. So you will understand how upset I was when I found out the broke up. BROKE UP!!!

I really don't like it when good bands break up - things just seem so great and then BAM! your life is over.

This song is so cool - the lyrics are catchy, the beat rocks and Ed Turner's vocals are perfect. The whole album is great, so if you like this song, leave this blog, buy the album and then come back to read the rest of the post.
This song is a dose of awesomeness. You should've bought the album by now.

3. Never Run Away - Kurt Vile

Kurt has a pretty cool name. And a real knack for music.

The song itself is pretty catchy - I really like the chords at the beginning. They're a bit offchops, like Kurt, but in a good way. I think he could be one of America's new iconic singer-songwriters. He often writes in jagged time signatures and whatever but it works.
Kurt's voice is rather amazing and so is his vinyl collection:
I'm really excited for his new album - two days! WOOOOOOOO

And his daughter is just so adorabubble. And they have matching outfits.

That's it for this Music Haul - I have so many great songs but if no one reads this or if people just get bored I won't put more than three songs on. Ever.

Keep it classy, or the consequences will never be the same.

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