Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today I visited the historic Pearl Harbor with the fam. Plus Grandma. Although everyone seemed to think that she was my mother - either she looks young or I look old =_=

It was rather interesting because we got to take a look at the USS Missouri and see how the battleship worked. We also got to visit some of the War Memorials and really got to appreciate what the people who fought actually did.

The spelling of 'harbor' put me on edge - in fact, all the American spellings and 'ain't's and accents have driven me to breaking point. Oh dear.

We got to read about the Japanese Kamikaze attacks and the Surrender.

It was a pretty cool trip but the highlight would definitely have been what happened to my younger siblings.

My siblings were playing tips and chase or whatever kids nowadays do and as it had rained this morning the ground had these disgusting puddles everywhere. Of course the youngest sister tripped and fell in the puddle.
And of all things, a Japanese tourist came up to her and asked her if he could take a picture of her! He did, and took it back to his wife and mates and friends and they all stood laughing at my sister.
My other sister, a volatile maniac, said that she wanted to punch the man in the face because he was being rude. Lovely.

So that was our trip to Pearl Harbor/Harbour!

Excuse the photos. My little brother took them.

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