Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Folly and The Hunter have a new album! It's called Tragic Care but it is anything but tragic. Hehe. That was horrible.

Anyway I have fallen in love with these guys and finally overcome my dislike of Canadian music. Justin Bieber and Alanis Morrisette kind of spoiled it for me.

They're this fresh indie folk band but it all works so perfectly and their new album is as great as their debut although the cover art of the debut is spectacular.

Haven't bought the album as it's not on iTunes yet because of some ungodly glitch. Also because I don't have utorrent with me ;)

Standout is Moth In The Porch Light. It sounds so Dorian. It reminds me of Teardrop by José González. I love it.

Buy the album on iTunes when the glitch is resolved or listen on YouTube or Spotify or whatever you listen to music on. Yay.

And their band name is pretty awesome. Anything that has Folly in it is awesome.

Folly and The Hunter: Moth In The Porchlight. Thank me later.

Extra: Thankyou to the three people who have left comments on my posts so far! First person ran a blog that sold, uh, 'manly enhancements.' Ugh.
Second and third, however, claimed to know me in real life and to be an occasional stalker reporting for duty.
Thanks so much guys for commenting. It makes me happy.
But PLEASEEEE subscribe or follow or just read all my posts. I love my blog and hope you guys can share the love. Ugh love is overrated.

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