Saturday, 6 April 2013


Ryan Henderson

Ok. I go through A LOT of phases. But I've discovered the most amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing musician from Brisbane, Australia - Ryan Henderson.
Ryan pretty much makes acoustic covers of acoustic songs but his voice is just AH asdfhjklafjsdlf.

I also love his hair. He's like a Harry Styles meets Carrot Top :3 continue.

This cover of The Paper Kites' 'A Maker Of My Time' (CRAZILY good song, check it out) is amazing. His voice is quite unexpected, really.

Neil Young's 'Heart Of Gold' is pretty much only known by people currently going through their mid-life crisis and 70s hipsters.

So far I don't think he has a website or anything and because I don't have facebook (fancy that, hey?) I don't really know if he has a page. If you enjoyed it I guess you should subscribe and like or do whatever people that actually leave their house do. I'll be here with my imaginary cat.

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