Monday, 8 April 2013


The other day my friends were asked who their favourite superhero was, what their favourite songs were and all these other favourite things and preferences.

I'll answer five of these.

1. Favourite superhero?

Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10. She is a LEGEND. I've always kinda liked Ben 10 more than the Marvel characters mainly because it's so much easier to follow and less dramatically charged and hilarious when Ben changes into the wrong alien.
Gwen's boyfriend Kevin E. Levin is pretty epic too. The fact that Gwen is also an Anodite made her awesome. And her hair! She's like Hayley Williams but more awesome.

2. Favourite song?

Knowing me, I have no favourite song. That's like asking me which is my favourite finger.
Let's pick five.

  • Never Run Away - Kurt Vile (check previous post)
I would give my description/praise of this song, but I already did. But I'll say that he sounds like a Beck a lot. And I love it.

  • While We're Young - Pegasus Bridge
I did a short review of the band before in a previous post as well. Ok. Maybe not a review.
This song is my favourite by these guys - it was written way before YOLO so it's ok with them saying While We're Young. No need to bring out the guns.
It's catchy, has a good melody and is a heck of a lot of fun to dance to.

  • Words - Ane Brun
Already mentioned here. Hm. Same blog post as the other two songs :/ it's truly beautiful.

  • Kill The Director - The Wombats
These guys are the best. I loved them first.
Their lyrics are quirky, witty, and somewhat introspective. Their latest album (well, 2011) was so subtle and understated and mature, but their debut (which this song is from, 2008?) is energetic, lively and a lot of fun. Any song with the lyrics 'If this is a rom-com, kill the director' is a good one.

  • Hands - Alpine
These guys are so fresh. They sound almost minty.
I don't know how to put it into words - they're music sounds crisp, clean and perfect. It's like standing in a white room. Not blank, but it's all light and airy and wonderful. The clean guitars perfectly match the high, ethereal vocals which travel from dissonance to haunting melodies in seconds. It's beautiful.
Actually, they were originally called Swiss, which would suit them perfectly as well.
They're Australian, which makes them that little bit more satisfying. Knowing that you're supporting local acts makes me happy :)

3. Favourite food/cuisine?

I like Mediterranean food.
There's this show on TV where this man goes around the Mediterranean to all these countries like Tunisia and Greece and he cooks all this food and it looks amazing. I love olives. Mediterranean just has such unique flavours and scents and visual appeal - it's invigorating.

I also adore Japanese food - its simplicity and the mastery of these simple things just make it all amazing. Udon is a very good idea in winter.

4. Favourite book?

This one's tough. I really like dystopian novels and sci-fi but those really psychological and symbolic books are some of the best I think. There's nothing quite as satisfying as reading a book that makes you think.
A book I love is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - classic, and rightfully so. I suggest you go read it if you haven't already. And The Lord of the Rings. And The Great Gatsby.
I do love YA fiction - The Hunger Games, The Selection, Divergent, Delirium, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Matched and all that jazz.
There are some books that I am dying to read, like House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. Or Lord of the Flies (yes I know I should most definitely read it.)

5. Favourite colour?

Favourite colour. Ah, the bane of quiz takers everywhere. This is the hated question.
I would ask people to guess my favourite colour, but since the only reader of this blog is me (if you do read, please leave a comment! Please?! So I know you exist!), I am just going to say my favourite colour is mint.

I love everything mint. The colour, flavour, scent. Also helped by my love of Alpine - they're pretty minty.
I also love Dr. Martens shoes. So those shoes are now my life.

So there's some of my favourite things!

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