Saturday, 6 April 2013


Okay. So I've just finished most of my assessments and now it's that weird period of downtime right before the holidays.
I've just been browsing the internet, watching YouTube vids and messing around on Instagram (follow meeeeeee @girlwhosenameisntnaomie) when I should be watching the new episode of Doctor Who (!!!) or Suits or Homeland or engaging in conspiracy theories with the rest of the Sherlock fandom...

Given my annoying brattiness and narcissism, I've made a list of stuff that I seriously want. Obviously some of this is going to be impossible, but as the irritating kid that I am, I don't care.

1. These Docs.
Aren't they to die for?!
These are amazing. Continue.
2. To read the books and watch the Harry Potter films.
I haven't actually ever watched or seen any Harry stuff, and my friends are all hardcore Potter fans. I've seen half an hour of Goblet of Fire...? Seeing people's reaction when I tell them that I've never watched them is like telling them I have an extra belly button, or that I'm descended from Moses.
3. To meet Asa Butterfield.
Asa Butterfield is the German boy from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hugo in Hugo, Ender in Ender's Game and a pretty awesome fellow.
Excuse my fangirling. Ahem.

4. Grab a Kombi Van and go to every music festival I can get to.
This kind of speaks for itself. I love music, festivals and Kombi Vans. Yay peace.
5. For this blog to actually go somewhere.
I think I'm writing this to myself, really. In twenty years time, I'll see that the only pageviews were me desperately checking to see if anyone ever saw this. This will also look really stupid in twenty years time. That is if I haven't blown up the world yet.
So I guess there's the five things I'd love to have or be or whatever. I'll probably add to it every now and then. If I even return to this blog. Sigh.


  1. Take a roadtrip across Australia in a Kombi. I think yes.

    1. I think yes too. And thanks so much for taking a look - it actually means more than you can imagine! THANKS SO MUCH