Friday, 12 April 2013


I love airports. For some reason they just appeal to me so much.
Well I flew out today and I remembered that although I love airports, I hate plane trips with a vengeance. Well, the trip isn't too bad. The views are amazing, even though we went at night and you couldn't even see Gollum clawing at your window. It was so dark.

Nah but after take off we saw the lights of Sydney below us and it was so pretty. And you could see the heavy traffic on Parramatta Road. Of course.

But oh dear I hate plane food and the pressure and the claustrophobia and the bathrooms and the cloying thought that you're going to plummet 10000 m to the ground. I used to think it was like a train ride. Yeah, like trains can just fall from the sky, burst into flames and become a Titanic of the skies. You get the idea.
I like heights. The view is always cool. But I also like heights because I know that I'll be safe on the ground soon after the adrenaline rush. I get no adrenaline rush on planes. This is not a comfortable situation.
The food is horrific. Hate to say it, hate to think about it. It's bland and heavy and gluggy and I know there's nothing I can really do about it except fly business class. But still. It's pretty gross. I swear they could put anything in there except rats' tails and human foetuses. And we ended up paying like $120 for the family.

Planes would be cool if you flew during the morning and saw the sunrise, then landed just after sunset. The sunset was beeeeeautiful and I'm just waiting to see this sunrise in the land of sunshine. Pfft.. That's a new one.

I'm still on the plane, but obviously I can't post it because it would be a safely hazard violation and then the CIA will come and take me to Area 51 and lock me in a scary basement. Because the Americans have basements.
Oh, and also because international roaming data costs crazy amounts of money. You'd need a home loan to finance a blogger's Internet abroad.

Well considering I'm on my phone, surrounded by sleeping people, sitting on a tin can, listening to my awesome music and reading The Lord of the Rings, this isn't a bad plane trip. As long as the meal agrees with my stomach.


  1. The E is NOT OPTIONAL13 April 2013 at 19:41

    Uh, Naomie? I think I may know you IRL.

    1. Ah, really? I am quite glad I can grace you with my presence in your life.

  2. Witch please. You are blessed with MINE.

    1. Seriously, by any chance do you go also as Clementine? It would be extremely weird if you're not who I'm thinking of.

  3. You fool of a child.21 April 2013 at 21:22


    1. That is no way to speak to your Evil Overlord.