Sunday, 28 April 2013


So as you know I'm back and I realised that there's only one Bubble and Squeak that I've done and it looks kind of odd if I have a #1 but no #2.

Here are some random things that will give you a glimpse into the strangely wired inner workings of this mind of mine. Careful, it's hot.

1. Papillionaire bikes.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most beautiful contraptions known to man.
If you saw my Maui post you would've realised that I took a random photo of a random bike because it looked randomly pretty. Serendipitous, I know.
These guys at Papillionaire make the most beautiful vintage bikes and I want one. I need about $500 though, so if any of you readers are charitable billionaires - actually, pa-billionaires (you laugh here) - please contact me as soon as possible. I do accept messages by homing pigeons and underpaid social networking interns.

2. Kaisercraft bookends.

As an avid bookreader (not bookworm. I am not long and thin), I encountered a frustrating hiccup today when my wonderful books toppled over and wouldn't stand back up. It was so horrible. I was being rejected by my own children.

Anyway I found these adorable bookends from Kaisercraft and they make me so happy.
I'm annoyed because although they cost $18 at the least, the shipping is about twice that and the ones with free shipping are $40 anyway. My dad is whipping up some crazy concoction in the garage as we speak I type. Alone.
The bicycle ones are my favourite and because they're MDF you can paint them or wallpaper them or staple mini bunting on or leave them plain.
If you haven't worked it out yet I love vintage bikes.

3. Maple Bacon Sundae.

Yes, folks, these things do exist. (They're endemic to America).
Heart attack right there, folks.
I had it at a Denny's diner on my holiday and I will admit that it wasn't that bad. The bacon bits were really crispy and all but the maple syrup and ice cream tasted pretty good. Try it.

4. The Lord of the Rings.

I found that my uncle had this lovely old copy of all the Lord of the Rings books in one massive volume compilation thingy.
It's massive and heavy because it's hardcover and the font is ridiculously small but I love it so much.
And Gollum is freaking HILARIOUS. "Nice sensible hobbits." I want to name any child I ever have Gollum or Meriadoc or Legolas. Or maybe Batman. That sounds nice.

5. The Great Gatsby film.

Well this film is probably going to be my life.

Not only does it have amazing actors, it was filmed in Sydney (straya pride?) and the soundtrack is spectacular. Andre 3000 and BeyoncĂ© covering Amy Winehouse. Jack White covering U2. Florence + the Machine. Gotye, The xx (OH MY GOLLY GOSH I LOVE THEM). Sia. (No Lana del Rey. I'm not a fan.)
The cast is amazing although I would think that Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) would look a bit younger and less mafia. I can't really complain though. This film will be phenomenal (I hope.) It will be a bit odd seeing the Roaring Twenties in 3D but I think I'm here for the set and the costumes. Yay.

6. Tom Odell.

This man is now my new music crush. Seriously. His voice is so emotional, his songs and performances have such truthfulness about them and he has a nice face. Or at least cool hair.

His music is ridiculously good. Take a listen.

And here below is his cover of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble".
Brilliance at its brilliant best. And the way he says 'love' is just...ah.

6. Two Door Cinema Club - "Handshake" video.

This video is crazy and surreal but it is so intriguing and there's lovely close ups of all the band members' faces and seeing Alex Trimble poke out his tongue to help a scruffy looking man win the game of his dreams makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like hugging an unshaven man that's just been popped on the barbecue. In a good way.

7. Sleeping With Sirens new album.

ANYONE ELSE PUMPED FOR THIS NEW RELEASE?! actually after hearing the lead single "Low" I'm still quite excited but I have to say that it isn't as good as some of their other releases. It's still spectacular but I was expecting a much more different sound to their last work. I guess the dramatic change with Bring Me The Horizon kinda swayed my expectations for the new Sleeping With Sirens album. Even so the song is still pretty awesome.

And that's the Bubble and Squeak for this time! Maybe I should do one at the beginning and/or end of each month, when I decide to change my desktop wallpaper. Although I set it to this lovely scheme that changes every half hour to accommodate my short attention span.

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