Sunday, 7 April 2013


This post is just going to be random stuff that I found. Let's go.
I think this dress is from Primark. I don't even know who they are, really, but it's from a Spring/Summer Collection '11. It's a really pretty dress. I like the print and shape, and that model is stunning.

I did a post on fab ciraolo a while ago - you can read it here. This is Frida Kahlo, another amazing artist (albeit a more mature one.) To have these two great artists together is like when two amazing musicians work together or even when you eat two delicious things together and they work. Like peanut butter and Nutella. It's amazing.

Actually let's do some more fab work in this post. Keep scrolling.
this just reminds me of Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby. I love it.
This is one of the designs of SnorgTees. They make heaps of funny, nerdy and plain creative t-shirts and hoodies, and I intend to buy some soon. :)
 These are my lanterns above my bed. Aren't they pretty? I picked them up at Typo for $15 I think.

 I bought the bag, glasses and flower crown at this year's Sydney Royal Easter Show - what a great day! Bag is from Yak n Yeti ($15), glasses are from a pharmacy ($10) and flower crown from that same pharmacy ($5). Pharmacies are great.
Here is a pretty picture from Laurence-CE on deviantArt. It's really quite pretty. I just love the light and the wide expanse of green.

So there's my first bubble and squeak. Seeing how much random junk I accumulate, expect to see a lot more of these. Till then, take care. yay

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