Saturday, 6 April 2013


I love music. More than I love you.

It just happens that some amazing stuff has been released this month (SEMPITERNAL!!!!!) and I've been really excited about the epicness of it all.

Here's the Top Three songs I'm listening to right now (excluding the Song of the Week):

1. Can You Feel My Heart - Bring Me The Horizon

This album has been the most exciting thing of this month. Sempiternal has exceeded all expectations and although their sound has changed heaps, I love it. It's much less heavy and to hear Oli sing has made my life complete. I wouldn't say it's Bring Me The Dubstep, but new guy Jordan Fish on keyboard has probably thrown in those little bleep bloops.
Visit them here.

2. Old Parades - Archers

These guys are from Adelaide, Australia and you can check them out at triple j unearthed.
This track starts with a simple bass line (listen with headphones to hear it more clearly) and when the guitar is added on top, you're hooked. The guitar does some pretty solid stuff with a few solos and fillers. The chorus is refreshingly upbeat and it's just an awesome song.
As they're a local act maybe hit them up at a gig or something - support new Aussie talent!

3. Works Better On Paper - Let's Buy Happiness

These guys are dreamy indie pop from England, and their vocalist is amazing. Her voice and the guitars just float around, while the bass and drums keep it grounded. It's such a great song to listen to when you're taking it easy - it's so calming yet still actually has substance. It does get a little repetitive but I find it so catchy.
Visit them here.

So that's it for the first Top Three! Stay tuned for the next Haul and Song of the Week... :D

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