Monday, 20 May 2013


This will only be a short bubble and squeak post because I have a bit of work to do :( and also because I have had such a boring week that there is nothing much to write about.

Let's go.

1. Great Gatsby Sweater

If you have read a few relevant posts, you will know that I am a great fan of The Great Gatsby especially with the Baz Luhrmann adaptation coming up. I also am a huge fan of Modcloth so you can probably imagine the carnage when I saw this for sale:

Oh my goodness. This is my life. More than anything I know. MY LIFE IS A LIE.
This is my shining beacon of fire, the reason for living. I have not known existence until now.

You can picture me tearing out clumps of my hair when I found out that the best deal for this sweater is around $40.

Why must my life be so hard?

Any donations will be kindly put towards a fund for the charitable dressing of girls in warm, well-rated jumpers that demonstrate literary prowess.

Turns out the guys who make it have an epic Great Gatsby online game and a whole heap of awesome stuff so I know exactly what I am getting for Christmas in July. That's right. Nothing.
Check them out here. I love absolutely everything in this store.

2. Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten

This is a really great song that sounds like it was whisked out of some trippy 90's bush doof somehow held in the States. Basically it has a really old vibe and all but the tune is just brilliant. The vocals are a bit like a rougher, less refined Tame Impala but the guitars give the song guide and drive.
It is amazing, I know.

3. Teacup Candles

So of course this is from Martha Stewart dot com, but this project looks stunning, channelling shabby chic and DIY at the same time.
Martha Stewart

This one is from Grace Sheppard's website. I liked the candle colour.

4. Ashkenazy

Being the music nerd I am, the other day we went to the Sydney Opera House to see Ashkenazy conduct Beethoven's Pastorale (as well as the Grosse Fugue and Triple Concerto for violin, cello and piano). It was the first time I really enjoyed classical music, and to hear the oboist's solo made my night. Basically it was awesome (a word probably not commonly associated with Beethoven). Ashkenazy was a pretty great conductor and the Sydney Symphony was spectacular (as always).

Yes everybody I am a dork. I'm surprised it took you simpletons that long to work it out.

5. Cupcake Cones

I love to bake. I'm a tremendously better baker than I am a cook. It seems that when I cook I make a huge mess (not that I don't make one when I bake) but my mum's cooking is always better so I don't bother having to clean up when I make a second-best meal.
These are quite old news but I still adore how cute they look. It's my friend's birthday tomorrow (yes, I have friends) and although I don't have time to bake these I thought these would be pretty cool for a birthday party.

 I can't shake the feeling that I have skipped something - I was about to write point 6 but the thought fleetingly disappeared from my mind and now I am sad. That's this Bubble and Squeak, folks.



    1. IT'S SO BRILLIANT but hella expensive. You'd need to sell your kidneys to afford all the stuff you want.