Sunday, 12 May 2013


So of course I have been extremely disappointing with my Songs of the Week. I've just been so caught up with all this homework and sewing and plain procrastination.

Raven Vandelle - Breathe

This week's song is 'Breathe' by Raven Vandelle. These guys are from England and their drummer, Tommy Gun Lynam, is Pegasus Bridge's old drummer. I'm so sorry I have to go cry their memory is too painful.

I'm back. So this is a really quite rock-y song and the slow tempo drew me in quite quickly. Sort of.
The guitar intro actually doesn't really have anything to do with the rest of the song but when the vocalist starts singing you are either hooked or you're not human. The melodic structure is quite nice and his tone is spectacular. And the slightly offbeat chord thrown in a few lines later makes it all rather nice.
The chorus is quite different actually from the verses with its powerful distorted guitars and different melody style but I don't mind too much. Personally I prefer the verses. But really it's a great song. Actually, towards the end, during the bridge, the vocalist takes on a bit of a Dave Grohl vibe and they sound a little bit like the Foo Fighters.

Really they're a great band, but my friend seems to think that they're not better than Pegasus Bridge. They're completely different - it's like comparing a hunk of cheese to a microwave. They're so different but I like both. Being the weird loser I am, I follow them on Instagram. Laugh all you want.
So that's this week's Song of the Week (finally!)

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