Friday, 24 May 2013


So last post I mentioned that I have a few favourite YouTubers that I would love to share with you guys. Most of these people with no lives do vlogs and stuff so yes. And I have a strong bias towards English accents.

So the YouTuber I'm going to blog about today is the beeeautiful KickThePj, or PJ Liguori, or Peter Jasper Liguori. He's brilliant, funny, talented, British and plain awesome.


Pj's videos are hilarious and random and I just love the way he does these random twenty-second clips. It's quite complicated actually without showing you a video of his spectacular brilliance so here it is (don't worry I'll pick short videos):
Oh dear it was so corny it was hilarious. Although when his eyes went red he looked like some demon or C'thulu figure.

He also is a singer-songwriter thingy or other and there is something about it that makes you want to explode with happiness and ARGH

Actually his album (which contains the song Happy Birthday (?)) was released on my birthday so I am superbly excited whenever someone plays it or mentions Pj - OH MY GOLLY GOSH HIS ALBUM AND SONG WERE RELEASED ON MY BIRTHDAY AND THE SONG IS CALLED HAPPY BIRTHDAY IT MUST BE AN OMEN WE'RE MARRIED I JUST NEED HIS AUTOGRAPH TO TRANSPLANT IT ONTO A WEDDING DOCUMENT

I'm sorry. Continue.
Wait, I'm the one continuing. Continue.

So there's heaps of videos that he's done, and with the other three of his little posse (Crabstickz (Chris), AmazingPhil (Phil) and Danisnotonfire (Dan)) they are the best British YouTubers. And JacksGap. I think you can sort of see my line of British YouTubers.

So I might do another of these features so you guys can see the other brilliant YouTubers I subscribe to. Or you could just stalk my YouTube. Where was that occasional stalker I found the other day?

On another note, thanks to everyone who has read the blog or passed it to friends/strangers/captives, and thanks for commenting! It really does mean a lot to me :) I'll be away this weekend and given the way my week looks probably not on till Friday.
So to all of you lovely people out there:

Also applies to cyborgs, Venus flytraps and sentient pets.

So long, boys.

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