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Ok so this will be a rather strange blog post about the people I love that happen to be famous. I might divide this into a few categories but because I haven't really thought this out I'm going to wing it and see what kind of crazy babbling I come up with. Enjoy.
Also given that my tastes change quicker than a celebrity marriage don't come up to me in a month's time and try and discuss these guys with me. I won't know who you're talking about.

Famous People over 50:

Old people are pretty cool. Sometimes. Often when they're famous they're either itching for attention and trying to knock off their grandchildren or just aging so gracefully that no one cares until they kick the bucket with their horribly arthritic joints.

Runner-up: Aung San Suu Kyi

Of course I had to have someone inspirational in here. Although there is a distressingly little amount of inspiration in these younger generations. Deborah Harry is pretty inspirational but she's too brilliant for this list.
Aung San Suu Kyi is a famous freedom fighter, spearheading democracy in her home country of Burma (or Myanmar, depending on how pedantic you are.) She fought non-violently against the cruel rule her country was under and has had to endure severe repercussions. She's been under house arrest for almost fifteen years and has only recently been released. But she is still a major figure on the political stage! Basically she's awesome.


Winner: David Bowie

I was trying to decide whether the Bowie or Paul McCartney should've won (neither of them are deserving of second place) and I figured that David is just too spectacular. I mean WOW how can one person be so unique and epic and mind-blowing and subversive and intriguing and still age relatively gracefully? And not to mention he's an AMAZING singer so yeah Bowie is brilliance. To think that Nirvana's cover of The Man Who Sold The World is thought to be an original is a bit saddening, really. Angsty teens become deluded angsty teens when Bowie probably holds the key to all that is divine.


Famous Women under 50:

Let's face it - women rock. And famous women who are famous for something really great (not flashing your chest or titillating men). I absolutely love these guys, uh, girls.

Runner-up: Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

This lovely lady is STUNNING. She has that fresh faced, innocent look, yet still seems so nuanced and composed and was amazing in The Sea Wall and ARGH she's so perfect.
She's Spanish but she speaks French and Spanish and Catalan. Seriously. She's perfect. Not to mention a rather good actress. HOW CAN ONE BE THIS AMAZING?! Her facial structure is apparently extremely desirable (that's what one of my friends said.) I probably sound pretty superficial right now - her appearance, 'perfect' - but YOLO imma swag it out with ma ratchet homies in ma gold Trans-Am.

Winner: I actually have no idea.

There are so many fantastic young women in this world that I can't pick. So here is a nice collage.
If anyone can guess all/some of these lovely ladies, leave a comment below!!!

Famous Men under 50:

Runner-up: Jakub Gierszal

Jakub's name isn't actually written like that (he's Polish). I just don't know how to do the accents. He's a brilliant actor and his presence just fills the screen and watching him is fantastic. He's a seriously good actor. When he comes onto the screen you are just captured like a lobster in a skillfully constructed lobster trap. That didn't come out quite right. But he's so mesmerising and of course his performance in Suicide Room (trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds) was so captivating. Of course Sylwia was amazing but WOW. Jakub is brilliant.

Winner: The Wombats

Obviously they're not wombats. And there's three of them. But they are all so spectacular - Murph the Most 'Mazing Man, Dangerous Dan the Drummer, and Tord the Terrific Over-Lord Knudsen. I know. That was pun-nishable by death. Or possibly death by pun-soining. You guys are no pun.
These three boys make the most brilliant music - their lyrics are quirky, witty and somewhat suicidal. No relation to Suicide Room.
I've featured a bit of their music on this blog but I admire them so much and I hope that one day I will be able to see them in concert and possibly throw myself at their feet weeping and cleaning their sandals with my hair. Somehow.
Oh yeah Cherub Bivouac Mincey is the wombat out the front. The one with the hairy paws.

Famous Kids:

Runner-up: Chloe Moretz

Chloe is stunning and such a talented girl. She has had heaps of really great roles (Kick-Ass, while controversial, was astonishing). Not to mention that her head is rather lovely to look at. How can someone be so perfect? And as I've mentioned before (scroll down to the section about Birdy *shudder*) even though she's young and all, I still don't think age should play that major a role in whether you like someone or not. Just because they're young doesn't make them more special than some other actor or musician in their twenties or thirties or sixties (I LOVE YOU DAVID BOWIE). If you really want to hear my rant, click on the link. If not, continue on.
She is stunning.

Winner: Asa Butterfield

My undying devotion to this boy extends even to his awkward music. His soundcloud <DISTANCE>, is something to be desired (at least for me) and his Teenage Dirtbag cover left me somewhat disoriented. Even so, I think he's the most spectacular person to turn 16 this year (April 1 is one of the best days of the year.) I love him so much - he's a talented actor and since he's been acting since he was tiny it's epic watching him grow up. He was rather adorable as a child but with the onset of puberty his voice has lowered to the extent that I need earphones to listen to it. I don't care.
Speaking of which I think I was obsessed with Freddie Highmore and Josh Hutcherson when I was younger until I realised that they are both now adults and all that jazz. It seems that when child celebrities hit 18 I lose interest in them. Hebephiles freak me out.
Being the wholesome, responsible girl I am, I have come up with a probably unoriginal nickname for my favourite boy in the world - (apart from my brother. My brother is pretty cool, but I bet that when he hits his teen years he'll become some introverted hipster and we can go to concerts together) - Ass-a Butt-erfield. Most dignified, I know. •~
I don't actually think he's that attractive but he's so spectacular at acting and asdfghjkl I think I'm going to explode.
So there's the celebrities I adore. Of course there's a lot more of them but it seems that I can't seem to draw them out from the clutches of my mind and of course there are those that are dead (Frida Kahlo you're amazing.) And also because I'm too lazy. Excuse the horrific grammar.

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