Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Given my pathetic attitude towards my blog, it seems that this song of the week/hour/fortnight/lunar cycle is kind of coming together. My blog has been here for a few months now but I seem to only have done four (now) Song of the Week posts.

I have been trying to get a life outside of the Internet, you know! Actually, I lied. That'll never happen.

The Late 90's - The OK Social Club

I was pretty excited about these guys when I first heard about them - they were the Wombats all grown up and less suicidal. Their sound was spacey and weird and kinda epic. Like me...

I forgot about them after the initial spasm of happiness that happens when I find a good song - it lasts about a fortnight. Fortnight. What a great word. In fact, I'm going to try and use awesome words.

Although when I initially listened to the song the lyrical content left me somewhat discombobulated, when I finally had to research Cavendish and realised the song still didn't make sense I decided that I liked it. A lot.

I should write an autohagiography about my awesome music tastes...

So this song is upbeat and a bit like a memoir of a geisha who happens to be a white Englishman in his late twenties or so playing a guitar. It tells a story about a girl.
The tune is catchy and great fun to dance and sing and bop and jam and jelly to.
I rediscovered them when I checked out their song 'Gezellig' which is quite cool too. I love this music video so much.
I can't actually think about what to say except that this is a really good song that I can imagine people dancing to after they've had a beer each. Or at least trying to dance to.
I guess the 'tell it like it is' way of performing the song is attractive in that it's fun and just plain likeable. And the 'Oh-Ah-Ohs' at the end of the song are very fun to sing along to. As long as you can sing. If not, please make things even more fun and find a microphone, a beer and a camera. And a dwarf man.
So there is this week/season/bicentennial/harvest 's Song of the Week! Enjoy! And do try and spread the word. I know you hipsters want to keep all this music to yourself, but I look plain stupid when I don't have anyone reading but myself. Thankyou for your cooperation. I have a meat cleaver.

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