Thursday, 16 May 2013


So I (worryingly) figured that my blog probably says more about me than, say, I would be able to tell them in the space of the minute they are likely to give me.
I had the brilliant idea to share a cloying thought I had the other day on... friends!

Friends are pretty epic things to have, and to be. To be or not to be... let's leave it there.

Actually I don't even know what I'm saying now but I personally think that the friends who stick with you are the ones that you actually choose to be friends with, rather than being forced under the circumstances.

For example, I would end up being better friends with someone I met on the internet (creepy, I know) than someone I made friends with in Year 7 because we were in a project together. The person I met on the internet - I didn't have to make friends with them, but because of a shared interest we could actually fuel exciting conversations. This is opposed to the random friend I made through circumstance, who was my friend because she was nice. But that's about it, and we'll probably never speak again after we graduate.

And the cool thing about making a friend through common interests is if they live overseas or something or other, when you go on holiday or even move there you know someone cool :) unless of course they've been stalking you the last five years, in which case I suggest you say that you're looking for someone else.

Of course there are some people who are really close to you even though you met them because they lived next door to you, or went to your school, or were betrothed to as infants. And as time goes by, you'll either drift or become more similar and stuff will either work out or just dissipate. That is perfectly fine.

I just think that the greatest friends I've ever had shared so much with me - some of my friends are almost carbon copies of my personality. Obviously you're going to be slightly different. That would be weird. But when you see snippets (or massive chunks, depends) of yourself in people, you can't help feeling like you know this person already - probably because they are a little bit of you.

But there will always be those people who hit the jackpot and have a whole bunch of people around them who they can relate to (personality wise) and are all popular and stuff. Or they could just be good actors.

Now I'm not saying you should ditch all your friends and look for yourself on the internet (although that could be rather epic, having massive chat sessions with like minded people!) but I guess just have a little think. Which of your friends are situational friends? I know I have heaps because I go to a pretty small school and it's hard to not be friends or at least acquaintances with everyone. But I can honestly say that some of the people I've met that reflect me, whether through personality, humour, experience or all of those things are the friends that I will remember until memory loss sets in.

Friends are nice. Like a warm pizza in your lap. Or a fire in winter. Or taking a perfect picture.

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