Thursday, 30 May 2013


I've been away from school and home for a few days now but somehow I've come down with some ungodly virus or other and have lost my voice. Ugh. Now I have lost my voice and I can't record anything for Triple J until I get it back, which could very well be a long time.

Luckily for all of you readers out there, I can still type!

This week's song is a Triple J Unearthed song and the video is so Australian it hurts. I can imagine this being played at some indie bush doof while people play the c, s and f words (cricket, soccer and football. I promise I won't say them again) and drink Cottee's cordial and eat TimTams and fairy bread. The song is 'Told You So' by Brisbane band Cub Scouts.

The piece has such dreamy, ethereal vocals, yet the bass line and guitar twerk work to ground the song. The melody is great and the chorus is oh so catcy. Honestly, whenever someone says 'told you so' or even 'told' I break into song like it's Annie or something. Although I am honestly allergic to 'Tomorrow'.

I think I would really like to see these guys live, or see them at some kind of festival. Even as a support act. I remember a friend told me she went to a concert just to see the support act (her mum knows the girlfriend of the drummer of the band of the support act) and then they left. Actually quite a few of the concerts I've been to people do that. Bit of a waste, really. Music as a general rule is awesome.

So this video is perfect because it has Bubblegum Bills and a Mighty Ducks jersey and a curly dog. Need I say more?
Honestly this is my favourite song from their album even though everyone is always raving about 'Do You Hear' and 'Evie'. I think it's just easier to remember and as a general rule that constitutes how good a song is to me.

And as we can see in the video, when you knock over somebody's ice cream you face a Cuboom and retribution from the girl's band in the form of Angry Berries.

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