Monday, 20 May 2013


So another week has rolled around and we're prepared to hear our next Song of the Week!
I was talking to a friend who reads this blog recently (yeah, she rocks) and she actually listens to the YouTube videos I post. That surprised me quite a lot but made me feel all warm and fluffy and fuzzy inside.

She happens to be a massive fan of old music and 60's stuff. I love the 70's and 80's quite a bit but 90's and 00's music is are my main waters. Maybe just 00's music. And this decade I've been pretty pumped about the music coming out.

So she said that she really liked my post with Jake Bugg - he does sound like Mick Jagger. I was going to pick a song that sounded kind of old and jaded but still somewhat fresh (to get her into new music that's just as good as the old stuff) but I thought I might pick a favourite of mine.

I often say that the reason mainstream music is so boring and generic nowadays is that all the good songs (cracker tunes, if you're reading this, Joe) were created decades ago. I actually have a listening playlist on my phone with all my favourite songs all meticulously arranged and a Top 5 list - I know, I'm a music dork.

Guster - Satellite

This is a personal love of mine. The otherworldly, warbling scales in the introduction set a really spaced-out feel for the song, and the catchy melody and chorus just add to the mood.
I know this one has been circulating the Internet for a while - Ganging Up On The Sun was released in 2006. It's still a fresh song that I listen to when I stargaze or whatever I do.
It's such a great song to sing along to so anyone willing to jam, you know where you can find me. Hint: on the floor with a hobo somewhere. It's what I do. •~

Speaking of which, Triple J Unearthed High is coming up and I have a song written for it. I have no idea how to record it though because I don't have GarageBand or whatever and my guitar is a super crappy one that I can't hook up to a computer. And of course, my voice is rather unfortunate.

So that's this week's Song of the Week! Any song requests, song recommendations or just plain ramblings are welcome. I will probably reply unless you're some spammer. Be prepared.


  1. Naomie, you are my beacon of hope in this forlorn generation. ;)

    1. Ah I'm honestly flattered. Thanks so much for reading the blog - have you subscribed? Pass it on to kids (preferably ones who don't know me so they don't go HAHAHA YOU HAVE A FREAKY BLOG)