Friday, 24 May 2013


It's that often forgotten time of the week again and I am here to feature another great song! Actually there's so many good songs and since I keep throwing new/old songs around the place things get complicated. I actually make a Top 5 playlist on my phone as well as the normal listening playlist so I have a lot of musical weighing up to do. Or I could just do another Music Haul.

Ugh I feel all bloated like an overstuffed sheep because I made dolmades and they're so weird yet somewhat addicting:

It's me.

So this week's Song is quite an old song - okay not really. It's soooooooooo 2011 though.

It's 'Best Of Tomorrow' by Trial Kennedy.

Trial Kennedy are a raw, rough Aussie garage rock band but they broke up last year or so because of finance or something annoying like that. The song is a melodic, anthemic number with a brilliant vocalist - Tim Morrison - and it's a great song. The tune is catchy, especially the chorus, but it's not annoyingly catchy. It's fresh, kinda sounds Australian and is just a great song to listen or rock out to.
I know. It was good, wasn't it?

Enjoy your song. I'll probably have a small Music Haul lined up for next week :) any song requests, please comment! Till next time.

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