Wednesday, 22 May 2013


So I came across this diagram that sums up everything I am:

and I realised that I'm a bit of a geek. Not hipster. Geek.

I also remembered what I left out in my Bubble and Squeak post from Monday - my favourite YouTubers. I might cover them in separate posts - I have Songs of the Week, Music Hauls, Cover Fests, Bubble and Squeaks and now Reeling Stones! Whew. I might have a Tube post soon - remind me by sending out a hot air balloon with my favourite actors and musicians in it and a Great Gatsby sweater. Also, my favourite lollies are Peaches and Cream and those banana things. They're pure deliciousness omnomnomnom I actually don't make that sound when I eat.

So my Reeling Stone posts (yes, it's a terrible pun. Neigh the horse be with you.) will be about some great flicks that I've seen. It's not really a movie review, but more like a movie rambling. Basically I'll talk about some fun films I've seen while you point and laugh.

This first Reeling Stone is on the short film Scenes from the Suburbs. It's quite a cool number from Arcade Fire - their concept album The Suburbs had a music video for their lead single 'The Suburbs' relating to this short film. Look, director Spike Jonze hooked up with Arcade Fire and they made a short film to go with the great album, with the album as the soundtrack.

It's a really good film about life in the suburbs, only if you lived in a world where suburbs were like countries - militant and segregated. There's a bunch of teens growing up there and behaving like good little morons like they should. It focuses on protagonist Kyle (he's a bit of a dork)'s interactions with his group of friends, including best friend Winter. Things start to unfurl and fall apart when Winter's brother comes home from a different suburb and this changes Winter until Kyle just doesn't know who he is anymore.

Scenes from the Suburbs is a really great coming-of-age piece, giving an insightful lookout into the cultures in society and just peering into a random teenager's life. Only he lives in a mobilized system and has a crumbling social group.

I absolutely adore the charaacters - Kyle is so relatable through his inaccessibility and the processes and experiences he has. And the cast perfectly pull off that casual disregard for authority that teens have, yet when it comes to crunch time their sensitivity is turned on and you can see their young vulnerability. Kyle is amazing. Winter was pretty cool at the end of the film but at the horrific diner scene I wanted to bash him up with a chair. And the party scene when they all just looked at each other made me want to cry. WHY CAN'T THEY JUST FORGET WINTER actually it's an extremely accurate representation of teenagers.

Here it is. Oh yeah. I watch some of my films on my phone so you should be able to watch these for free on your computer/PC/Mac/phone/iPad/iPod/newfangled gadget.

Scenes from the Suburbs (Short Film) from rocket science shorts on Vimeo.
Arcade Fire presents Scenes from the Suburbs, I posted this video intended only for viewing purposes. I do not own any part of this work.


So yeah. I don't own anything and I will report copyright to the nearest responsible adult. Whatever.

This is a short film (30 mins) but look out for the soundtrack - Arcade Fire's warbling is exquisite. Listen for the song 'Suburban War' - it's brilliant.

I know that you guys probably don't have too much time to just watch these movies so I won't post them often - maybe some weekends and holidays. I just want to share these really cool flicks with you all :)



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