Wednesday, 12 June 2013


So I'm too lazy to sleep and instead I like to blog. Right. Tomorrow morning I will wake up looking like I was an extra on the Walking Dead.

Here are some lovely covers that have probably circulated round the Internet more times than I've woken up half dead.

Too Close - Shannon Saunders (Alex Clare cover)

This is a great song per se. But the way Shannon sings it makes it seem even more raw and yet nuanced and you can tell she's got great control over her voice. The guitar gets a bit boring but I frankly do not care because she's brilliant.

Hey Ya! - Sarah Blasko (OutKast cover)

Now this has been recycled around triple j and iPods everywhere but that doesn't make it any less bad at all. It's a wonderfully stripped back cover of that hilarious track and Sarah's voice could make even Nicholas Sparks sound good.
Sarah is a really great artist, both songwriting and singing and you should really check out her stuff. But here is an example of her brilliant innovation and epic singing voice.

Treasure - Sound Of Seasons (Bruno Mars cover)

This is a pretty cool track by itself (what's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD wait wrong song) yet these guys somehow manage to make it even more awesome. I went to one of their gigs and it was such a great night. They're hilarious and full of energy. I might feature some of their stuff actually and not to mention their merch is spectacularly cheap and I think they're awesome. I really should feature them actually...
Oh I'm not bothered to write full analysis of the songs because I'm tired and how do you even analyse a cover really

Heartbeats - José González (The Knife cover)

This cover of the song is much more well known than the original because it's generally a little more accessible - it's a wonderfully acoustic cover and when the bass notes of the guitar ring you melt a little inside. The lyrical content is so intimate and beautiful but José's delivery is spot on - it's not mumbled but definitely not spat out. It's like honest, reluctant whisperings. And his guitar playing/arranging has really just hit the nail on the head.
Actually José is quite well known for his covers of not as known songs so everyone thinks it's his song (LIKE SKINNY LOVE AND BON IVER AND BIRDY don't get me started if you even think about it I will hunt you down and eat your yoghurt. And I like yoghurt.)
And also he did a really sweet song with Ane Brun called 'Worship' which is on her album.

There's tonight's... TODAY'S COVER FEST I should sleep. K bye.



  1. hey naomie it's amy, i'm quite ashamed to say that i have gone through your entire blog. I am happy to say that i have come out with some amazing new music so thankyou for that! see you on monday :)

    1. hey amy naomie here :) i'm quite ashamed that i got so excited to see you ACTUALLY VISITED THE BLOG!!! woooo i'm so glad you have new music. thank you so much for taking the time and see you on monday. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TOMORROW DEAR