Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It is extremely exciting to write yet another blog post and to get all your lovely comments  (ahem, three comments) so in the spur of the moment I will blog another Music Haul. Woo!

Hm I'm a bit sleepy right now but seeming as I think music is better than sleep, I don't really care. Note: I'm a terrible role model. Blogging instead of browsing the internet instead of doing homework instead of sleeping? I really need to sort out my priorities. STAY AWAY KIDS.

1. History's Door - Husky

So I've loved Husky since I read about them in a music magazine (speaking of which, I should do a short post about how I actually find my music!) I have loved them. With their clever melodies, beautiful dissonants and Boy & Bear-y meets Half Moon Run vibes you can't help but love this song.

I love the slightly offchops guitar intro but when the OOOs come in at 0:32 it's all lovely and surreal and ahhhh and then when the chorus chimes in at 0:50 I want to jump up and cry because the lyrics and the melody is simply perfect. The seamless blend of the guitars, piano, light drumming and the haunting vocals with the simple but interesting melodies and chord progressions are just brilliant and tremendously spectacular. I'm listening as I type and I think I'm addicted. I seriously listen to this everyday.

Sure it's 2011 and they're from Australia and you triple j fanatics will probably come ramming down my door with your drumsticks and hipster glasses and satchels and a battering ram made of some vegan ovine (not sure how that works but ok) but this is seriously such a great song.

2. Girl - Beck

The catchy bleep bloops at the beginning of the song seem quite innocuous and cheery and all, and when combined with Beck's talkish singing it feels like a summery feel-good tune. But when the bass comes in playing a funky bass that really highlights the chords it's more edgy. The chorus is singalong happy and all and yippy yay yay.

turns out the song is about killing a young girl. Queue Poryphyria's Lover!

There is actually widespread debate over whether Beck is singing 'my sun-eyed girl' or 'my cyanide girl' which pretty much lends itself to the incongruous ambiguity of the whole song. It's hella cheery but the lyrics are dark. me likes.

3. Atoms - Debbie Neigher + Tidelands

The simple melody and chord pattern of this song makes everything seem so sad and depressing which it should because it's about a divorce. The short piano interludes make everything so much more melancholy and then when the B section comes in (it's sort of a chorus but not really) and I end up bawling internally.

yes people I am weeping inside world y u no nice
When Debbie comes in at 1:26 with her version of events (think Gotye/Kimbra 'Somebody I Used To Know' -  Debbie actually sounds a little like Kimbra sometimes) it becomes even more beautiful. I can imagine this being recorded in a small greenhouse by the sea at twilight with the singers in separate rooms clutching Kleenex to their chest while the other sings their verse.
The lyrics are the most poignant heart-stirring things I have heard in while. 'This is not the dream that we agreed on our wedding day.' CRYCRYCRYCRY I'm not even married why am I crying

Turns out it's not on Youtube so here I've linked the SoundCloud where you can actually download this for free :) score!

4. Cameo Lover - Kimbra

Speaking of Kimbra, let's get an upbeat track from her! This is such a fun song, and even though it's oh so complicated and all it is funky and fresh. The chorus is catchy and the video is so cool (I suspect Zooey Deschanel channelled Kimbra in her 'I Could've Been Your Girl' video) with Kimbra bopping around in a pink dress with yellow frills and a tambourine. Have I mentioned that this girl is stunning? She's pretty and (superficial moment beware) and her pins are quite perfect. And that voice is spectacular.
To think that Kimbra, or anyone for that matter, could've written this song is phenomenal. In essence, IT'S A GOOD SONG.
All the musical themes explored are so interesting and ahh I love it when it hits 3:07 and the 'open up your heart momomomomahs' start. It's musical genius.

It was amazing I know.

Hm I think four is a good number for these hauls because at five no one ends up listening to all of them. That's this Music Haul, folks. Stay cool (or hot, depending on how nice your face is.)

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