Thursday, 27 June 2013


This week's song is Hey Now by London Grammar.

Hannah Reid has the most dreamy, powerful voice - it's like Florence + the Machine but with a darker tone. It's less bright and grainy and rather floats over the backing than hitting it head on. The guitars are very xx and the whole minimalistic feel is ethereal.
But that's not it! There's more!

Sam Berridge does a spectacular, raw cover of this song.
It's stripped down, emotional, and just reaches into your heart and latches onto the most solid, metallic, steel-like thing there and tugs, leaving nothing but spongy hammy bits listlessly bouncing around inside you. Something like that.
I'm pretty bad with expressing poignant emotion.


It also helps that his face is a rather fortunate one - it's always good to have something nice to look at when you listen to nice things.

So that's this week's Song of the Week. And now don't bully me about it being the wrong song - same song, different people!
Oh dear I've gone insane haven't I, old sport?
Yeah baby.

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