Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Ok so I'm obviously not so dumb as to not realise that I'm not churning out a song each week. Rather, I blog when I discover a really good song, or when I have a bit of time. Either way, you lovely readers get new music. I don't see why you would complain.

So this week's Song of the Week is a poppy, crisp number from Foals, 'My Number'. It's energetic and full of fun - quite a good dance tune as well. It's from their new-ish album Holy Fire (which I am very late in blogging about but frankly I do not care) and it's a very good song.

It's rather catchy and the guitar/keyboard riff sounds a bit like that song Popcorn. Foals are from the UK and their singer has a beard and I guess you would say they're indie but really I'm here for the music. yay music ^_^

Hm I could launch myself into a long analysis of the song but I'm not bothered. I'll just give you the song. Cheers.

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