Friday, 14 June 2013


Is it just me or is every single musician covering Get Lucky by Daft Punk?

Sure, their new album is awesome. Sure, it's a brilliant song. Sure, they celebrated the Australian premiere with a freaking bush doof. But not everyone actually has to cover this song!

Same as that Bruno Mars jam, Treasure. On my email and Youtube playlists and goodness knows what all I have is 'Treasure cover', 'I do Bruno Mars' and 'Martian Luther Sing' popping up and I want to throwback thursday myself off a cliff.

It's Throw Yourself Back Into Your Mother's Womb Turdsday!
I really hate them. But back to these covers. Get Luckily for me, there are a heap of fantastic covers (the Isaac Evans cover and the Sound Of Seasons Treasure cover) and today I'll feature some of these.

Get Lucky - Daft Punk

This is a pretty good song by itself and it's great hearing those French boys rhythmically spasm again. Here are the top two covers I've taken a whole ten minutes to scour the internet for (hard work I know.) These versions are good enough for me to overcome my allergies to these songs. It's like semantic satiation but even worse because it goes for a whole three minutes.

Runner Up: San Cisco

These indie four piece are amazing. Their male singer Jordi Davieson is probably the Jordan Catalano of young indie hipsters nowadays. (I loved Jordan Catalano until Jared Leto had to release that new Thirty Seconds to Mars albums ewww more Mars songs Treasure is enough and ewwww album).

San Cisco have really had some fun with this cover and have created this awesome cover. It's their natural electro tone meets their cheery demeanour meets a heck of a lot of fun. I'll shut up now and you can listen.
aaaaaaand this was on Like A Version! My Sarah Blasko cover one was too :) it's probably the best thing about triple j because some of those unearthed acts should've stayed unearthed. Shudder.

Ah and I got this link from my wonderful friends at - it's also Amy's birthday tomorrow so go say something nice or whatever. Cool.

Winner: George Barnett

From the first, I don't know, five seconds of listening, you're hooked. It's so addictive. The beats are spot on and the keyboard is jazzed up and groovy and I almost danced except as we all know Naomie does not dance. It's more a graceful algospasm. In fact I have tried to come up with a frumpy dance move each day and I've turned up with some very, very odd ones. Please do not press further.

George's singing is perfect - short and snappy and energetic. Please listen.
So there you have the Get Lucky covers. I wouldn't even bother with the original - these covers are way better.

Treasure - Bruno Mars

This is the only song I like from Bruno's new album (yeah go ahead and shun me mates) but at least it's a good song. It's got a catchy melody and it's plain fun to sing. Although these guys sing it better.

Runner Up: Sezairi Sezali

This act has such a cool name and although this cover isn't anything too out of the ordinary as such, I still think it's great. I do really like the Sound Of Seasons cover but it would make more sense to just feature a wider variety of music on this blog.

It's still pretty good! Listen.

Winner: DC Wonder

DC Wonder's new album Limitless is a pretty good album for you dance fans out there but this cover is just great. Their bass player is brilliant and not to mention hilarious. This video is cute and I've never actually seen a dance/techno act 'live' - kind of just performing their music before. It's great.

And so that's the end of these Get Lucky/Treasure covers! I've been going through a lot of covers lately and I'm excited to get back to originals. If you have any suggestions of blogs, songs, albums, Youtubers and movies please comment :) till then adios.

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