Friday, 14 June 2013


It's time for another Song of the Week guys! I'm pretty pumped because heaps of artists and stuff are coming to Australia and Sydney and I'm excited for pretty much everything.

Vivid Sydney was the other night and it was quite pretty although it was so crowded we were scared something scary (i.e. bombs) could go off and we would have nowhere to run. Um. But it was really great seeing people out on the streets (it was freezing though) and it was lovely knowing that we were a 'strong city with a homely sense of community' or whatever.

Bring Me The Horizon are coming to Australia and bringing Of Mice & Men and Crossfaith with them! And BMTH and OMAM and Pierce the Veil all won Kerrang! awards :) my lovely little ladies are all grown up now.

The Paper Kites are touring and they're at the Metro so I really want to go; fingers crossed! And nutritionist Lola Berry is also touring and she is such an inspiration.

Back to the song. I'm going old school (1980 I believe) and Bowie. this week's song is Ashes to Ashes.

It's such a funky, upbeat song and it's lyrics are so clever and Bowie is just perfect. I found this amazing photo and asdflhsdhfwhe the only thing that would make it better is Jake Bugg. #pakidmcbugwie or Mick Jagger #pamikidmcbugwigger

I MEAN LOOK it's perfection.

I love the electro intro and the almost hushed tones of David at the beginning. It's so good and the video is so progressive I'm dying to attach the link so here it is:

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