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Ok, ok. I know my last Song of the Week post was Cub Scouts' 'Told You So' but upon rigorous re-listening I have decided that their EP is definitely one of the best I have heard. And when I was young, the Dead Sea was still sick.

There's a few albums that I really adore and while there are some stellar songs out there it is not often that I listen to the album and cry when it's over. Seriously. I love these albums. It's weird because I've found that some songs sound better in the whole album. It's like a bunch of friends - together you all fit happily.

This is perfect. If you follow my Instagram you would've seen it nevermind back to the albums.

There's a few albums that I can honestly say are so amazing. Alright, they're not as life changing as I've made out and chances are they're not even the best but just the ones that I really enjoy right now that I can remember so here are some really great albums you should definitely consider listening to or downloading.

1. Told You So - EP - Cub Scouts

So I've made my point with the song 'Told You So' but really it is a tremendously spectacular debut EP. The sounds are fresh, fun and brilliant. Tim Nelson's voice wafts over the songs yet Zoe's singing is highly deserving of an OH MY GOLLY GOSH. Together, they're Hi-5 amazing. Tim is such an amazing singer but the whole band is so cute and just wow I think my lexicon deserves a little kick. Oh dear.
But really. The EP is so perfect when played in one go. It just seems such a well thought out piece of work with a really fun vibe, especially 'Do You Hear' - the vocal melody seems innocuous but strangely hell bent on resisting resolution. I love it so much it hurts. 'Evie'
'Scream' is a beautiful composition, with the churchy, haunting tone at the start which leads to a rather sad chorus with a driving drum but minor aura which makes it sound like wistful reminiscence. When it all picks up with the more upbeat second verse and such I don't know I just feel like I should be staring out a window into the rain in a random house with a cup of tea. I'm ready for your bite.
This same feel is carried through to 'Light Me Up' which is even more sad and slow. It should be on some really sad drama soundtrack or something. Even so it's still a fantastic song. Slow sad songs are often really wonderful songs.

2. A is for Alpine - Alpine

This is an astounding album - when I first heard it I was smitten. Love at first listen. Phoebe and Lou's voices are so brilliant, singing in harmony above the clever guitars and bass. The chordal progressions are ingenious with artful dissonants and just wow. It's such a fresh noise with its airy qualities yet it still has ground and drive. In 'Lovers 1' and 'Lovers 2' the guitars are like the vocalists - not really virtuoso but clean and really lovely. I've already done a review of these guys so I might leave it there but it's a really amazing album.
Listen to 'Too Safe', my favourite from the album. I said 'Hands' was my favourite a while ago but seriously this is even better.

And the album cover looks like tennis courts. Oh yeah. Win.

3. The Wombats Proudly Present... This Modern Glitch - The Wombats

These guys helped me stick through 2011. Ignore the fact that I heard about them on an episode of 'The Circle' (DO NOT JUDGE). This is such an awesome album - I love all the songs except 'Anti-D' and 'Girls/Fast Car' (I told you to stop judging) which I only like. Everyone likes Anti-D but I find it a bit dramatic. Either way the album is so amazing I mean sure it might be a little suicidal nihilistic and sassayy but frankly it is such brilliant music I don't know how you couldn't love these little idiosyncrasies. They're such exquisitely written songs... no they're not.
I have reviewed these guys already but really, The Wombats are some of my favourite artists ever.
The entire album sounds really good when you listen in one go but here is my highlight, Jump Into The Fog:
Nihilistic? Check. Good song? Check. PERFECT? Check.

4. X&Y - Coldplay

A lot of critics have said that this album doesn't live up to its predecessors but honestly I find it poignant and the best album. The organs and piano make it all so sad and slow and beautiful and I don't know how to sum up this album. The tone is less rock-y than Parachutes and even though Coldplay probably pinched most of the riffs from other 'inspirations' I love the song. Frankly, the only song I've heard borrowed is 'Talk'. Oh yeah and 'Princess of China'. But still the tone of the album is so lovely - it sounds like the ocean's waves collected and played on a record. Of course there's the 'Fix You', covered ad nauseum, but 'White Shadows', 'What If?', 'Speed of Sound' and 'Twisted Logic' are really great songs.
Here's one of my favourites from the album, White Shadows:
The guitar is amazing in this album.

4. While We're Young - Pegasus Bridge

I've reviewed this album and its songs before but it's brilliant and they split up and BOOHOO. It has the most fun vibe ever and it sounds amazing loud. The music is perfect to dance to but it's not those mindless electro things out there that sound lke long distance dial tones having a seizure. Ed Turner has an amazing voice and even though it's a bit iffy in the acoustic versions at the end of the album this band is probably one of the best ever. Yay Pegasus Bridge.
Here's While We're Young, one of my favourite songs.

5. xx - The xx

The xx are such great musicians, especially with their minimalist style. Seriously, they're amazing. Even though their new album Coexist is not that great at all (more like The zz) xx remains one of my favourites. It works melodically and all but I love the two guitars working together in harmony (literally). The tunes are memorable and catchy but the abstract lyrics keep you hooked.
Although some people find them a bit boring, I love them.
Here's one of my favourites, Crystalised:

Hm somehow I have subconsciously done my top 5 albums... No. I lied. I'm just too lazy to go on and I'm worried I'll bore all of you anyway so there. Adios.

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