Sunday, 9 June 2013


I am glad to announce that we've hit the tenth Song of the Week!

That should be enough. And oh my goodness Matt Smith. WHY MATTHEW WHY
???!!!!!! Blues Clues was indeed such a great show - I remember watching Hi-5 on VCR (yup, you heard correctly although I'm surprised at your age you still can hear) and snippets of Blues Clues would come on and I would salivate in awe of this astonishingly sentient dog. GIFs are so awesome you kind of have to include them in everything. But Matt Smith.

So this week (today, actually!) the Triple J Hottest 100 of the past 20 years was announced and Oasis' 'Wonderwall' won. It's a brilliant song although I recently heard it slaughtered by the Backstreeth Boys and the croaky voices of pubescent teenage girls. Yeesh.
But the Hottest 100 is pretty good and I was thankful to all the musos of Australia that the horrific Thrift Shop (2012 #1) did not make it onto this list. Quite a terrible song (in my opinion though, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion as a constitutional right and we don't have Thought Police and free speech equality expression free food whatever. I do not care.) I was absolutely ecstatic that the lovely Wombats scored a #74 with Let's Dance to Joy Division (epic title, no?) because they're perfect and yes. Let the love tear us apart. Also, Joy Division are/were quite a good band and even after Curtis died New Order is addictive and more accessible (though I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Meh. Also, I have a penchant for parentheses and hyphens.)

This week's song is 'When I Call (Bicycle)' by Edward Turner. It's a melodic, heartfelt tune and I love the softness of it. On one of Ed's personalised EPs he wrote 'Listen to me in the dark' and I think it's so true - the Night EP is perfect nighttime listening while staring at the stars or in a quiet section of an aquarium or just chilling by the fireplace in your logside cabin in Alaska (in which case I want to be you so badly.)

'When I Call' has a soft, gentle opening which launches straight into the verse and intimate lyrical content ('being back home's like an aeroplane - full of strangers and faces that I can't name) with the most poignant Sóley-esque chord change that just melts me every single time. (I think it's a subdominant chord while the note sung is the dominant.) But then I get let down each time because I think it's about to progress to this even more amazing chord but then it returns to the tonic and I become a sad girl. Still. It's an amazing song.

I love the video because he can ride a bike quite well. Not to mention Ed has a nice face. AND HE WAS IN PEGASUS BRIDGE GUYS. The setting is idyllic and stunning while back home in 'straya we have drop bears and coldish winters yet no snow.

So here it is! And I will accept any food of congratulations for successfully hitting ten songs - I honestly did not expect to get this far at all, so kudos to all you readers :)


  1. House arts…*extracts memory and sends it to burn in the fiery depths of Satan's manlab* -.-

  2. Naomie, your blog is completely fantastic! I've been religiously checking it out so please don't quit any time soon. Keep it up you amazing thing x