Saturday, 22 June 2013


So evidently I have heaps of music and I know a few songs here and there. But some of you might be interested in where I find my music. If you're not, then keep scrolling.

When a mummy song and a daddy song love each other very much, they...

Ok got a bit carried away there. But Kaya thinks it's funny!


Back to business. Ahem.

So I get my music from heaps and heaps of different places - I get them from my friends (yes they exist) and because they all have varying tastes I kinda get a bit from everybody.
Bands I got from friends:
The Paper Kites, Of Monsters and Men, Mumm-Ra, Pegasus Bridge, et cetera et cetera - pretty much every band I found in 2011 is from a friend or radio.

Which brings me to radio. I really like to hop between all these different radio stations - I used to listen to Top 40 but it's so trashy and boring. I don't actually listen to triple j that much - it's pretty much Sir Richard Kingsmill Overlord of Triple J or Tom and Alex. I always seem to miss the Like A Versions which are the only good things about triple j, really. Some of the acts are okay but others are simply despicable. I really like the oldies music station :) it's the only station that plays David Bowie and Queen and Heart and Blondie. I do listen to this really lame daggy station for relaxing pop music which sounds like it sucks when it plays Carpenters (who are really slow and boring) but they play lots of 70s and 60s songs like The Monkees and The Turtles and The Beach Boys. I also like the Christian music station with some of the really great rock songs - some are really exciting and they're all parent friendly, unlike the metal station. Hunt the Haunted is not a good idea with parents. Ever. Please do not try. Unless your parents are metal musicians. In which case, go ahead.

I also get Youtube recommendations and weekly emails which are really helpful. I also love my Insound newsletter which has such epic New Wave tunes. Some of the Youtube comments are great - they're hell as annoying when they sell themselves on other people's pages but some of these musicians are really great.
I love to hear covers of some great songs and also hearing the support acts at music concerts. I do love Soundcloud with its free downloads sometimes and Fingertips music which features free music. But really most of my music is found on Youtube or friend recommendations - Youtube does songs and friends do artists. I do get music from good soundtracks (Suicide Room had a good soundtrack) but yeah. Friends and Youtube.

I manage to hoard music from pretty much everywhere - Shazam helps me a lot in cars, taxis and shopping centres but I also like to just memorise short snippets from lyrics then type them into Google :)

I find new songs all the time but I just can't remember them right now because my sewing machine is broken and my laptop is running out of battery. So there.

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