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So I've finally hit 50 posts! Yeah baby.

Actually it's not that big of an event I'm just looking for an excuse to use gifs. I read that you should actually have 50 posts in your first month so readers think you actually update your blog.
Nah you guys probably don't care and are just waiting for the music.

Back to business.
So given that it's the 50th post (I'm not going to shut up about it so just ignore me) I wanted to feature my favourite songs from the 60s.
Here goes.
Oh and these are not in any particular order so do not be alarmed when your favourite song is at the end of the list.


So the 60s are supposed to be this massive period of social reform, shifting paradigms and epic love explosions. Which was exactly what happened.
There is some really great music from back then but I like to consider them seminal inspirations to some of the really great songs of today which I will admit I prefer to some oldies. I know some music nowadays sucks but some indie is just so fresh and awesome. Anyway, I didn't like their haircuts back then.

Outdated song number one: The Monkees - Daydream Believer

The Monkees were a pretty good bubblegum pop band and I do quite like their stuff. Although I always get their band name mixed up with others' (seriously, all the bands in the 60s started with 'the'. Gosh.) Daydream Believer has those really nasally, bright tones (bit like an oboe) and it's such a cheery song you either feel really happy listening to it or suspect some kind of Truman Show/Pleasantville setup. In fact, when the lyrics 'homecoming queen' pop up in the chorus I'm reminded of  The Most Popular Girls In School. oh dear me.
they swear a lot. just a heads up.
But it's a great tune to bop to or just listen to. Davy Jones (no, not the zoidberg thing) was probably the most famous member but they all made amazing music - they wrote the song 'I'm A Believer' (from Shrek.)

Outdated song number two: The Doors - Light My Fire

So Jim Morrison takes a whole heap of shirtless pics and points at people. It doesn't matter because Light My Fire is a pretty good song.
Recently one of the Doors died (Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist) and we slipped into a bit of a Doors-themed nostalgia.
This is a really great song and if anyone ever plays it to me I will happily light their fire. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac.

Outdated song number three: The Beach Boys - I Get Around

I remember the first time I heard this song I was playing some fashion designer game on my Nintendo DS (I haven't seen a kid play with one of those for ages.) It was alongside quite a few old songs actually and all I could think about was how epic this track was. The Beach Boys are like a laidback barber shop choir who decided to move to Hawaii and record their tracks while sipping from coconuts.
It's a very fun song to sing and the verses are pretty cool. I can imagine throwing a 60s themed party and everyone joining in to the classically lo-fi, beachy tunes of The Beach Boys.

Outdated song number four: Animals - The House Of The Rising Sun

This is such a classic song with the most spectacular melody. You have probably heard it a billion times in your lifetime but it is honestly such a wonderful tune. I think every Gen X can play it or sing it somehow - it's become so iconic to the era like Twiggy. Gosh do I love Twiggy.
Even my dad can play this on the guitar.

Outdated song number five: The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

What would the 60s be without these four lovely boys (and Stuart Sutcliffe)? The most iconic band ever, The Beatles are such brilliant songwriters and musicians and let's be honest they're probably some of the best secular musicians the world has known. I'm probably a Paul or Ringo girl but they're all really great.
This song is so cleverly crafted in that like many songs today it has quite a cheery feel to it with the lilting ahhhhhs and violins, but the lyrics are very different. The video creeps me out every time.
Probably one of my favourite song lyrics are in this song - 'wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door - who is it for?' and 'writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear'.
Actually when I first heard this song it was at night and I listened to it multiple times each Friday night at school and it's so haunting. Whenever I listen to songs I often picture the place I first heard it or where I listened to it the most. That place usually sort of reflects the song and I guess the utter desperation of being stuck in a school late at night somehow stuck with this haunting song.
I'M A LONELY PERSON AND I don't think you want to know where I came from, if you know what I mean.

Outdated song number six: Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

This song makes me quite sad every time I hear it, actually, because I cannot whistle. It's a catchy song and I find it oddly hilarious but I cannot whistle and therefore I am sad. It's a song you would listen to walking along a path or jetty by yourself while whistling and I'm sorry but I can't function.

Outdated song number seven: The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

Now that we're nearing the end of the list I'm getting a little restless and not really bothered to write full descriptions for these songs but The Rolling Stones cannot simply be skipped. Pamikid Mcbugwigger forever. (Paul McCartney + Jake Bugg + David Bowie + Mick Jagger).
If you didn't know.
But Paint It Black is just such a great song with a sense of urgency and drive and then he sees the girls walk by in their summer clothes and HOW OUT OF PLACE IS THAT LET'S PAINT IT BLACK and this song could probably carry a lot of racist loaded statements but you gotta be a Rolling Stone about it and what drug are you on Naomie and I'm going to be quiet now.
Well I have some work that I have been hellbent on avoiding so see you later kids. Stay in school.

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