Saturday, 22 June 2013


It's the holidays now and thank goodness for that - Sydney is so ridiculously cold I cannot believe that we're supposed to be some land of deserts and sunshine. Oh, and drop bears.

I'm really looking forward to some pretty good days - I spent the whole of today just sewing and reading 1984 (Orwell is brilliant). I also won a Goodreads First Read (!!) and I think I'm just going to spend the rest of the week chilling. Although I'm a bit saddened by the fact that I'll spend the next three weeks reminded of how I have no friends.
Oh by the way my sewing machine has just had a bit of a tantrum and it's not working every time I press the foot down it makes this angry noise if any of you can help I will send you a cookie.

This week's song is 'The Rifle's Spiral' by The Shins.

First of all, the lyrics are so subtly crafted. Let's set this straight. It's such a melodic, cleverly arranged song with heaps of lovely layers and bursts of colour, yet it's about suicide bombers (it becomes startlingly lucid with the lyrics "you sublimate yourself").

This song sounds amazing blasted so loudly you can hear the bass and the throbbing that keeps it level while James Mercer so elegantly warbles on top. ah.

At the beginning and sporadically through the song there are a few rogue beeps and boops and blerps but who cares. It really adds to the otherworldy feel. Plus the album Port of Morrow is noted for its more electronic inclinations than the previous albums.

The music video for this song is really interesting as well - it's 3D animation.

Well that's enough from me. Here it is.

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