Sunday, 21 July 2013


I've been smugly asking people how they've spent their weekend so far, so that when the question is put back on to me I can say that I went to a record fair.

At First Sight was a lovely fair, with heaps and heaps of vinyls (there were actually so many) and some really good local bands playing sets.

The actual Carriageworks site was pretty cool - Wilson Street in Eveleigh (which was off King Street) and it had this really gritty industrial feel to it.

The bands playing kind of varied in their appeal - I found some to be really spot on and polished while others weren't really to my taste. Best set of the day I feel went to Client Liaison, although Day Ravies and Twerps were fantastic as well.

This was actually the coolest gig around. There were heaps of bands playing:
but I personally prefer more vocal than electronic acts. Super Wild Horses was really quite good but I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Holy Balm.
I did find some amazing Beatles records (still in the shrinkwrap hey!) but I actually didn't buy anything. I was planning on grabbing this Debbie Harry single and a David Bowie/Mick Jagger single (Dancing In The Street) but honestly I was really there just for a browse. I'll get another turntable and then just 

An entire box of Bowie records?!

There were actually heaps of people there although I was a little intimidated by the fact that I was probably the youngest person there. There were a few junior kids helping their parents sell the records, but to my surprise I saw no one of discernible high school age.
I was a bit let down because I won wristbands through Concrete Playground but I arrived a bit too late to claim them. Never mind.
Carriageworks is a pretty cool venue and now that I know the place I'll probably pop by with some friends or whoever and see the other events they hold there.
I'd love to hear the history of the place though so I might lobby Michael of Past Lives/Near Future to do an article. Keep your eyes peeled, people.

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  1. when in doubt go to newtown and drool over bowie records :-)