Friday, 12 July 2013


So I'm back with another little video for all of you lovely readers :) But I might quickly review some of the movies I've seen as of late.

Well I've seen a few movies and whatnot - my friends and I went to see The Great Gatsby. I found it really frustrating, though, how Baz's interpretation relied so heavily on visual splendour and didn't let the narrative do anything. The book is witty, insightful and the story should just flow by itself, carrying the plot and characters nicely. Instead, the visuals were lovely and lavish but at the expense of the story development. Honestly, all the characters felt the same at the end. I knew the plot well yet I found sections dragging on and on and on - at least it had a bit of suspense for me. My friends either loved it (the soundtrack was fantastic) or thought it was terrible (it lacked drive, slugged along and was way too long for the meagre plot - we were checking our watches often). I continually asked myself when the movie would end, and when I was revving myself up with excitement for the big bang at the end, all the excitement just fizzled out.
Gatsby had a spectacular soundtrack (I even liked the Lana song! Holy moly!) and the acting wasn't too shabby either - Leo did a splendid job of portraying the naïve, illusioned Gatsby, and Toby Maguire's casting was pretty spot on for me. Carey Mulligan was a bit too 'wafty' for me - Daisy was a girl with her head in the clouds, yes, but she knew that she was really just leading Gatsby along. Jordan Baker could've been explored more but otherwise she was well cast too.
So I guess I can say it wasn't too bad a movie but it went for such a long time that I can't help but feel it was a bit of a waste of two hours and twenty minutes. Three stars out of five.

I also went to watch Monsters University and I didn't find it too bad either. However, it lacked a clear message that the first movie had - part of the original's beauty was its painful parallels drawn with the real world. This movie still had poignant moments, although at least in the original parents and children both got deep lessons from the film. This new film feels much more kid orientated (well, it is a kid's movie. I mean that it doesn't offer any mature insights, just the boring old recycled Pixar fable stuff.)
It had a sappy, but cute short film preceding it - The Blue Umbrella. The cinematography was lovely and the mood was conveyed well. It had nothing to do with the movie and I quickly forgot it.
Monsters University wasn't boring, but it didn't seem too different from all those new cartoons out there. It was wonderful seeing Mike and Sully again (and I do hope to see them again) but they need to work on the old charm the movie lacked. Three out of five.

Now here is a short film that I found on an Avant Card postcard - I collect postcards and stick them up on my wardrobe door.
'I Have Your Heart' is a bumbling tale that's probably promoting equality (which I am still quite iffy about. Let's ignore that for a sec.) The illustrations and setting are deliciously dark yet the accordion does get pretty annoying by the end of the film.
It's only four minutes so here we have 'I Have Your Heart'. The lady is beautiful though - those lips and THAT HAIR ah and I also have a thing for open heart surgery. And the lyrics are just adorable - I have your heart, it beats inside, it's only three inches wide, I have your heart I have your heart I have your heart. ahhhhhhh cuteness overload

There we have this Reeling Stone. K bye.


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