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This is the last of the themed Music Hauls (for now!) and we are topping it off with the wonderful 80s.
Personally I would love more than anything to throw an 80s themed birthday party where everyone wears neon with big hair and rollerblades or dresses up like Madonna or Boy George or George Michael or Curious George or the 5th, 6th and 7th Doctors. We woud watch The Goonies and 16 Candles and Say Anything and Beetlejuice and The Princess Bride and The Golden Child and Heathers and Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off and every Brat Pack movie. We'd eat whatever junk food they ate and listen to old music and I'd probably turn the door into a Delorean or TARDIS or something - even a Xanadu-esque wall with the Muses and stuff. Sigh.

Here are my songs of the 80s. Yayayayaya.

Outdated song number one: Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me

The massive song from the Breakfast Club which had a new lease of life with that Pitch Perfect movie, this is a classic. It's anthemic (think Imagine Dragons) with low notes that ring Foreigner and it's the most amazing song to bop to (She Bop. hehe.) I think one of the most recognised bits of the song are the two power chords at the beginning, when you're like I KNOW THIS SONG. *proceeds to astound everyone with smug knowledge of old songs*

I sadly admit loving that moment when you recognise a song no one else does.

Often my friends then follow up with some snide comment on being a hipster. Who cares yolo swag luvin lyf don't judge.

Here is the song. Also it would be the best funeral song.

Outdated song number two: Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)

Ah, the famous song sung by teenagers all over the world. Hate school? Hate adults? Hate structure? Hate having to eat all your vegetables? This song is for you. The idiosyncratic album art is seen absolutely everywhere nowadays - I remember seeing this boy with a Beatles style mushroom haircut and a Pink Floyd shirt. Everyone thought he was this massive dag, which he was.

The video gets really creepy, especially when the kids go through the meat grinder. The Wall would actually be a pretty cool thing to watch at an 80s party, maybe with Poltergeist as well.

Outdated song number three: Blondie - Call Me

Easily the biggest song in their career, I first heard this song as a wee little one when we still played karaoke on our original Xboxes. It wasn't even that long ago but I'm going to pretend it is.

The driving, rolling guitars lay a strong foundation for Deborah Harrie's SPECTACULAR vocals which go from rock goddess to New Wave waftiness to Joe Dassin French. Okay. Maybe not Joe Dassin.

Blondie actually came to Australia last year I think and I was absolutely gutted not to go. Honestly, so many great artists come but I always miss them or something silly and I want to cry. Beach Fossils are coming! AND I AM BUSY THAT DAY ugh. help. call me.

Outdated song number four: Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise

I remember my friends found it a bit strange how on inspection, they saw that Phil Collins was alongside Pegasus Bridge and Phoenix in my music library. But his voice and songwriting is just spectacular.
Another Day In Paradise is about Phil's experience with the homeless while on tour - seeing all the homeless people in a so called 'paradise' inspired the song.
I'm not a big fan of his daughter Lily Collins (the actress) but otherwise his drumming is great. And do you guys remember that hilarious Cadbury ad where the gorilla drummed along to 'In The Air Tonight'? Too funny.
It's better than those Sarah Ellen style eyebrows. Ugh, Sarah Ellen.

Outdated song number five: Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

So Queen are one of the greatest bands ever. Freddie Mercury has one of the most iconic voices ever. Their hairstyles are the most cringeworthy of all the 80s bands. And this song has one of the most well known basslines ever.
You know how pretty much everyone who can independently navigate to triple j knows the bassline to Seven Nation Army (by The White Stripes)? This is their hipstery parents' equivalent. But then again there's also the 'Under Pressure' bassline (with David Bowie ahhh) which everyone knows from 'Ice Ice Baby'. Oh, the pains of 80s rap. Have mercy.
Enjoy this iconic song. Also, your parents might join in or even worse, start parent dancing.

Outdated song number six: Roxette - The Look

So the radio station I listen to on a daily basis happens to play 80% 80s music and I am constantly bombarded with music that's going to be played in nursing homes very soon.
This song is the most catchy song ever (this guitar riff ruthlessly sticks inside your head and wiggles around like a good earworm) yet the vocals are so powerful and have that quintessential 80s feel.
The lyrics are rather silly but I don't mind. This is the era of mullets. They're bound to mess with your brain.

Outdated song number seven: Men at Work - Who Can It Be Now?

Men at Work are probably the second biggest music act to come out of Australia, after AC/DC. Yeah yeah, everyone's always trying to claim the Bee Gees and Gotye and Olivia Newton John but let's be real, guys. But then again, Colin Hay did emigrate from Scotland anyway. Go home Naomie you're drunk. But wait! I'm not drunk or baked! I'm sxe!


There are actually so so many songs that I would tag in this post - the constant 80s music has made my brain simply soak up all these songs like a sponge.

But do not fear! I'll add some of the really good songs into other music hauls, into songs of the week and anything really :) till then dears.

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