Monday, 15 July 2013


Today was the most mind-numbingly boring day.

I have to get ready to go back to school so that pretty much warrants a twenty-four hours of non-stop boredom.

It's been an odd three weeks and I guess I would've been glad to see my friends again if I hadn't seen them in a social situation some nineteen hours ago.

I've been doing a bunch of random things for the last few hours - which Beatles wife are you tests (I got Linda McCartney! Yessssssssss - I'm just glad I didn't get Yoko or Heather), searching up cool caf├ęs in Sydney (apparently there is a very nice one in West Ryde called element6 which turns out to be owned by someone we know) and watching the oh-so-addictive reality television that's on (The Block is so hilarious and The Great Australian Bake Off isn't too shabby either. Masterchef is getting a little repetitive but Hamish and Andy probably takes the trophy for plain entertainment.)

And of course, I've been listening to music.

Cub Scouts released their new single onto Youtube about a week ago and in four days you will be able to buy it! Woo!

Have a listen in the meantime. They'll be playing at Splendour and also supporting Jinja Safari on the 21st September at the Metro. I WANT TO GO MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE ARGH.
Well, enjoy, my lovely readers.

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