Monday, 8 July 2013


So the decades hauls are over but that's okay because I intend to do some really kooky-themed hauls some time.

Even though it's the middle of winter we've had some stunning days where every hour is like the Golden Hour and the sun is streaking through all the leaves and the breeze is light and you just want to run up to an old friend on the beach then give them a hug all while listening to Fix You by Coldplay with your hair flowing down your back and all that Foxtel-esque glossiness.

Sure, it's been bucketing. But I seriously hope all of spring is like this - golden and magical and unicorny.

The rain was incessant for about a week and my dad was getting so frustrated (he hates the rain and the cold) but then the sun came out and I'm going to make the most of this weather (apparently tomorrow might rain. boo.)

This haul is going to start off with a really groovy song.

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

Bill has the most epic voice ever (he sings that Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone) and all the songs he has performed are really lovely. This is a little funky number which is so ridiculously catchy (the lovely day lovely day lovely day mantra through the song does get really irritating after a while) that I can see the Village People bopping to as they visit a wind farm on a sunny day with their picnic baskets and tequila.

That was strange. Carry on reading your books.
YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT AFRO HAIR DO.......... gurrrrrrrrl poot ya rehkords on

Ok. Next song.

Ray Tsa - Electric Feel (MGMT cover)

This has got to be one of the most covered songs ever. Everywhere I look somebody covers it. Katy Perry has, it's been covered on Triple J, I think Gabrielle Aplin covered it, people remix it all the time - there are a lot of covers and remixes out there.

And of course there are some really bad ones (shudder) but even some of the palatable guitary acoustic covers get lost in the swamp of versions out there. There are some really nice soft covers but when there's thousands of them it's really hard to find good ones.

I found a good one.

Ray is the voice of The Sweet Apes, a post-hardcore band from Sydney or something or other. They're very good. Ray is amazing.
She's like Hayley Williams but with a more raw, rock-y voice and this arrangement is simply perfect. If anyone is good with these things TAB IT OR CHORD IT PEOPLE.

K enjoy.

Sam Berridge - Twice (Little Dragon cover)

So we met the most amazingly talented Sam Berridge when we did the London Grammar song two weeks ago but I thought I might feature another of his wonderful covers.
Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon has such a stunning voice especially when she slips down to the low notes in this song. Sam has a stunning voice when he bounces around the higher registers (which isn't that high but oh well).
There are two versions of this cover (a Soundcloud one and a Youtube one) but I prefer the Youtube one - I just like how it's a little more grainy and not-so-polished.
Here it is. Swooning mode activate.

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles

Well when the sun first came out after the rain I was so excited I simultaneously cried tears of joy and exploded (because I am a creature of the night, you know, so sunlight kind of makes me sparkle.)

That's right. But it was also Ringo's birthday PEACE AND LOVE so I felt inclined to do a Beatles song.
Speaking of which I MISSED THE 3RD OF JULY 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF ZIGGY STARDUST'S DEATH I spent the entire time tossing up whether to do it on the Australian July 3 or David's July 3 and I just ended up missing it but uh what do the young people say oh yeah yeloswig. Something like that.
Did you know that the first time I heard this song it was actually being performed by Georgie Parker on some ad for Play School? Play School was the most pathetic thing ever unless they were cooking but I liked Hi-5 and The Wiggles better.

Copthrone King's - Justice For The Damned

Ok I know many of you guys will not enjoy this song because you think it's accursed and it's anathema and people that listen to it should be burnt at the stake but honestly it's really good. The laughing at the beginning and the triangle in the interlude make this such a hilarious, clever song, and there is no need to hate on metal. It's energetic, powerful and rather exhilarating.
Here it is. But if you have really scary parents I wouldn't play it too loudly otherwise they'll try to spray your computer with holy water (not recommended).
See? You survived. I think everyone kind of dislikes this music when they first hear it (unless you were raised in a metalhead family) but when you really listen and get into it it's quite beautiful.
So there we have our haul. Tomorrow I'm seeing Gatsby! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH carey mulligan

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