Monday, 22 July 2013


This week's song is actually a remix of a Young Dreams song - it's 'Footprints' (Naysayer and Gilsun Remix).

I've never had a strong interest in electronic remixes because I'm not exactly a guru in the art of remixing - I don't even know the basic logistics of it all.

However, it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy listening to them; I really love hearing my favourite songs getting turned into dreamy waftiness or throbbing dance music or wah wah groove.

This remix is of 'Footprints' which is already a really good song. With very earthy, almost Jinja Safari-esque drumming, the dreamy bliss of Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective and the jaunty harmonies of the Beach Boys, the Between Places album is a very good release.

The remix is wafty and open, then at 1:07 enters this throbbing groove that is impossible to resist. It's smooth sailing from here, with tasteful transgressions and segues. Exploring different motifs, this exquisitely crafted remix extends on an already very artful, clever song.

Listen and download it here from Soundcloud, and purchase the Footprints - EP here on iTunes (AU).

This is the original song.

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