Monday, 15 July 2013


Hi guys! Here we have yet another Music Haul for you, so enjoy :)

Catherine Traicos - Drunk On Your Breath

There is simply nothing quite like when you discover a really good new artist.

But even this isn't as good as finding an artist you discovered years ago but lost/forgot.
Catherine is one of these artists. (Others are MGMT, Bag Raiders and Architecture In Helsinki. Darn them electronic acts - it seems that typing in beep boop blerp into Google doesn't have the same effects as song lyrics.)

Her smoky, crooning voice captures you quicker than you can say her name (which actually took me a while because the ai dipthong is more often than not a very beguiling mystery.)

In fact, I find the bulk of her work a beguiling mystery - beautifully crafted and performed, but it is enjoyed more when you try to unravel the delicious tunes and lyrics.

Here is 'Drunk On Your Breath'. Buy her music from the label An Ocean Awaits here. And the tote bag looks so good.

The Swiss - Elouisa

Bringing back disco with a spectacular vibrancy, The Swiss make impossibly danceable tunes (even for me!)

The shrill vocals push the throbbing bass down with energy, and when the chorus comes back around you know you're hooked.

The feel good, summery vibe of the song has done an awesome job of keeping me bopping through this disgusting rainy weather lately. In fact, the entire EP (which is Elouisa, two remixes and Peach Pit) has such a good feel I am simply dying for Spring and Summer.

Here is 'Elouisa'. Buy it here from iTunes or here from the uber-cool Kitsuné. Seriously. This label is my life (albeit rather expensive. Maybe it's my life if I sold my kidneys or something.)

Van She - Jamaica

I'm still in a bit of a dancey mood so here is my dance jam of 2012 from one of my favourite dance artists. Van She have this rich, luxurious sound that effortlessly combines dance and electronica with experimental indie.

The opening riff and recurring motif of this song, the marimba ostinato, really sets off the Jamaican, exotic aura of the song. It's not so much a song by the chorus but a bright soundscape with the most inspiring, powerful vocals.

The chorus is fun and easy to sing along to (but not in that really creepy Aussie pub karaoke style. Think more anthemic. Or party sing along.) It's fresh, tropical and oh-so-catchy.

This song is fantastic to play at when you're chilling with friends at the beach, or if you're lucky enough to have one, in a convertible with the windows down as you drive down a highway. Not in Sydney of course - highways are more like free parking nowadays.

Here is 'Jamaica', man. Buy it here from Modular People.

Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight

I've been listening to this song as I earnestly await the ocean release of their second album, 'Dream Cave'. The lilting, easy melodic pop of the band has such a strange, otherworldly quality to it, which draws you in and is so beautifully addictive.

The music is exciting, exhilarating and beautifully crafted. It has depth and is grounded, yet the innovative melodies and vocals are a breath of fresh air. The music is rich in texture without being too heavy handed with production or sickeningly decadent.

I was really hoping to catch them in September but since I also have my eye on Jinja Safari a week later (with Cub Scouts supporting) I think I'm going to have to make a very difficult decision. Yet Cloud Control are still such a fresh act, and with such an original, recognisable sound, I think they have the makings of a future classic.

Buy 'There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight' or the album, 'Bliss Release' (2010) here from Ivy League Records.

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