Monday, 8 July 2013


It came to my attention that quite a lot of bands and artists are releasing new albums.

Whether that is a result of many years of careful songwriting or a mad scramble for cash after going bankrupt, I don't know.

Actually bands release albums all the time but I just never pay attention. Haha.

But let's go.

The Weight of Your Love - Editors

So the new release that kind of kickstarted this post is 'The Weight of Your Love' by Editors.

Aside from the really cheesy band name, it's a dark, intricate album with soundscapes that just submerge the listener. I really enjoyed the track 'A Ton of Love' (ew spelling though) with it's soaring, belting vocals. The jumpy bass really adds to it, like it does in the easy-to-listen 'Formaldehyde', which has a really catchy chorus ('formaldehyyyyyyyde').

It was only released three days ago (on the 5th) but I don't think people will pounce on it immediately - it'll sound so much better in retrospect. It's a cracker album, don't get me wrong, but I can't see it catching like wildfire just yet. Think I'd give it three and a half stars - the songs sort of meld a bit too closely.

Even the Stars Are a Mess - Whitley

After the beauty of 'Go Forth' and 'The Submarine', Lawrence Greenwood has returned with a smokey, intimate album. This exquisite work has such delicate songs, from the poignant, lyrical 'TV' to the pleading 'I Am Not A Rock'.

Whitley's voice has just matured and is now so truthful and intoxicating. This is definitely a good album.

This was released on the same day as the Editors album but I think it will settle into Triple J airplay pretty well - it's timeless music. Relaxing yet heartfelt. Probably a four stars.

The Beginning and the End of Everything - Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke has a lovely voice and all but I've never been much of a fan of his mainly because his songs don't stick in my head that well. Even his voice isn't exactly distinctive (say, like Florence Welch) so even though I enjoy his songs when I listen I can't pick them out too well. However, this album has really highlighted his diversity and I think it could definitely pick things up.

The short, sweet 'Bug Eyed Beauty' is channels a bit of bluegrass and folk, which only continues in the song 'Leeward Side' with its harmonica. This album definitely has a very folky, country-ish feel (which I normally don't listen to - I hate country) but at least Josh's voice alleviates the pain.

This new direction made me listen to his older stuff in more depth and I can say I prefer his older, indie rock music more than this brand new shift.

The more folky Josh Pyke is still palatable but I can't help but feel his older material is easier to identify with and really appreciate - it sticks more easily and brings out Josh's lovely voice more.

Sex Games - Diviney

Ah, the solo project of Shaun Diviney. You may remember him from that punk band Short Stack, but this is totally different.

I honestly couldn't find anything on this album that really stood out for me as brilliant - there were snippets here are there in some songs that I enjoyed but that didn't really last for long.

Some songs start out quite promising but then descend into a bit of a repetitive, uninspired mess. 'Skeleton' is alright I guess, and 'Sex Games' pulls itself through although I really think this album is a pristine specimen that sex sells. The songs become so repetitive they sound like they were written by a bunch of Year 7s in their pop music topic.

I guess this could be palmed off as one of those generic albums you get when a pop artist tries to crossover into rock and be all hardcore and indie and whatever but when you fronted a fresh, exciting punk band then tried to cross into pop it just becomes a hot mess.

I really can't give this album more than a three so I think I'll settle for a two and a half stars. Sorry, mate. It's so predictable.
Just saying the above is not from his new album, it's an old Short Stack song. I just thought that would be much better than his new stuff.

Melody Pool released her album Xavier this week, and of course we had the Arctic Monkeys song here.
We also got a great, quirky new song from Architecture in Helsinki called 'In The Future' - I really hope their new album is as good as they say it will be. Their previous record 'Moment Bends' was fantastic but seeing the new song with a string section, I am very excited.
Boy & Bear released that new track but honestly all their songs are starting to sound like that formulaic twangy folk (take the hint Josh Pyke).
The new Glass Towers album is also pretty good - 'Halcyon Days' is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Warm, nostalgic, optimistic pop, I really quite enjoyed it.

So there's the new releases! Look at me now; I am keeping up with the hip young people! :D

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